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VariEX™Standalone Fire Alarm

 Standalone Fire Alarm

The standalone fire alarm is one of the important fire prevention devices used to alert you about the danger in the fire. In other words, it is an essential way to detect any fire and then alert you to things like smoke infiltration and the blazing heat from a fire. It is considered a vital safety factor for any home or business.

The standalone fire alarm system is the best option that allows you to keep things under control, especially if you have to cover your home or office rooms with self-contained fire alarm units for safety purposes. This particular fire alarm helps you in meeting the fire safety requirements of many locations where a full and wired fire alarm system is not needed as it used with wireless.

The standalone fire alarm or standalone smoke detector is formulated in such a way as not to need an external power source, and a control panel to allow it to function. It is assimilated to an integrated battery pack and surface-mounted in virtually any location. Moreover, the standalone fire alarm system (standalone detector or standalone heat detector) is ideal for small offices, storage spaces, temporary constructions, and building locations where the requirements of the domestic fire alarm system generally fluctuate. Known as one of the trusted fire alarms companies in the industry, VariEx is a noted fire alarm manufacturer, which provides the best products with cost-effective solutions.

Advantages of Standalone Fire Alarm

  • Helps in detecting the presence of smoke and heat in the atmosphere and allows you to get to safety
  • Provides audible alerts, which give you time to respond to the fire, by addressing the flame with a fire extinguisher and escaping to a safe place outside.
  • Offers flexible options and therefore can install in any specific area of your choice
  • Alerts you to any fire emergencies at your residence by incorporating with the remote monitoring facility
  • Provides effective and appropriate fire protection solutions to all the commercial and residential customers.


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