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Fire Fighting System In Chennai 


Manufacture of

fire fighting 


and system

As a leading manufacturer of Fire Fighting System In Chennai, our company is dedicated to innovation, quality, and safety. With decades of experience, we offer a comprehensive portfolio including fire suppression systems, firefighting vehicles, extinguishers, and detection technologies. Our commitment to technological advancement drives us to integrate smart sensors and autonomous solutions for early detection and swift response. Rigorous testing procedures and adherence to international standards ensure the reliability and performance of our products. We prioritize sustainability in manufacturing while providing global support through our network of distributors and service centers. Local expertise allows us to tailor solutions to regional needs and regulations. With a focus on saving lives and protecting properties, we strive to build a safer, more resilient future for communities worldwide, Fire Fighting System In Chennai.

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Our Working ProcessIn 3 steps

VariEx® works in close coordination with its clients to meet every project's details successfully. We at VariEx understand the value of time and hence, strive our best to accomplish the work in real-time. We are committed to adopting new technologies that enable us to provide maximum results. Have a look at the fire suppression system’s working procedure.

Planning and Strategy

Our team of engineers and layout designers are dedicated to their work to make proper strategy planning before starting the manufacturing work of suppression systems.

Design and Installation

The design and installation services for our fire suppression systems are the important factors that keep us ahead of the crowd.

Testing and Commissioning

We, with the help of experienced quality inspectors, perform a quality test on the completed project, as per the NBC Norms before the final consignment deliveries to the market.

What our clients say about us

Graam partner of Variex

Basavaraju R

GRAAM, Executive Director
" We have built up a very good working relationship.VariEx® show a real interest in our activities and understand the particular sensitivities of working within religious buildings which are open to the public are also Grade 1 listed " The engineers are polite & professional and always helpful. I have a single point of contact in the office which ensures all work is booked in centrally, any issues are resolved quickly and payment processing is simple"
"VariEx® is beyond terrific- from their attitude and enthusiasm to their knowledge and experience in delivering better quality services, they have proven to be everything and more than a company could possibly wish for to be. To say our experience with Varistor Technologies has been awesome would be an understatement."
VariEx Clients

Manjunath SK

NEW INDIA ASSURANCE, Manjunath SK (Admin Manager)
"Fire Safety Services are reliable, professional and they have strong work ethics. We have built up a trustworthy relationship with them and we are reassured by their fire safety knowledge. They offer an Account Managed service supported by qualified and personable Technicians who are responsive to our needs. They are a pleasure to work with and we would recommend their services to other businesses.”
Garuda Group partner of Variex

Mr. Pranav

GARUDA GROUP, (Managing Director)

Our Prestigious Clients


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