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Addressable Fire Alarm System

What is the addressable fire alarm system? The addressable fire alarm system is one of the most modern types of fire alarm systems, incorporated with individual unique identifiers to detect any fire. The addressable fire alarm system in India is made using many devices, and when any one of the system’s components active, it indicates the component’s address on the fire alarm panel. This is the addressable fire alarm system definition that can help you to understand. 

These systems are used in large facilities areas because they can swiftly locate the fire or any trouble signal. The fully addressable fire alarm system designs with a facility of an address that is capable of allowing to detect the fire if it happens. Therefore, an addressable fire alarm panel installation is perfect for large buildings like hotels, hospitals, and commercial premises spread over a wide area.

The addressable type fire alarm system is developed intelligently, which saves a lot of time because it reduces the requirement to search for the component that produces the signal. These are the most responsible fire detection systems (wire connects to the control panel at both ends of the alarm system) because signals can still supply to the control panel by the use of another side of the wire if in case one side of the cable is disconnected.

VariEx is one of the renowned addressable fire alarm panel manufacturers in the industry where clients can purchase the preferred one as per their budget since the addressable smoke detector price is nominal to obtain. When it comes to the cost of the addressable fire alarm panel system is concerned, an addressable smoke detector price is the best affordable solution that can give you.

Components of Addressable Fire Alarm System

  • Detectors (smoke or heat or beam or gas or flame, etc.)
  • Manual call point
  • Fire alarm panel
  • Hooters
  • Panic switches
  • Linear heat sensing cables
  • Cable and instrumentation

How Addressable Fire Alarm System Works

An addressable fire alarm system is an advanced version of the conventional system. It is a radical circuit and by relating a “resistive” short circuit of anywhere with the advancement of electronic technology in the '80s, and then the fire alarm zone would activate into a fire condition. It operates with devices such as detectors, sounders or manual call points and sitting on a loop or ring-type circuit. These are the addressable fire alarm devices that enable the addressable fire alarm control panel to send and receive the data from each device. Now the question arises, how to install an addressable fire alarm system.

The analogue addressable fire alarm systems are made incorporating a ‘Bus’ or ‘Loop’ which connects to the non-analog addressable versions of the Fire ray and Talentum ranges via a switch monitor (this needs to be the same protocol as the Fire Panel). The loop is connected to one side of the switch monitor (which needs a unique address to be picked up on the Loop), and the other side fixed to the fire and fault relays.

The ways an addressable fire alarm usually work are as follows:

  • The addressable fire alarm system or the addressable smoke detector is activated first.
  • The location of the activated fire detector is registered on the addressable fire alarm control panel display to detect any fire misshapen.
  • Then, the local panel buzzer and any programmed strobes will trigger after 3 minutes.
  • If the activated device is located and found a false alarm, the fire alarm system becomes silence.
  • If a second detector operates within the 3 minutes of the time of starting, this will override the timer and activate the sounders and any output like calling the fire brigade.
  • Even a manual call point activates at any time when the sounders and outputs get activated.
  • And, the important point like manual call point, and heat detectors which are not generally governed by any timer.

Advantages of Addressable Fire Alarm System

  • Recognizes swiftly of the exact cause and location of the fire emergency with ease
  • Helps to distinguish between smoke and other things that commonly result in false alarms, especially dust
  • Helps to observe frequently of the operational condition of sensors and devices
  • Detects impurities which could affect performance
  • Identifies of breaks in the system wiring
  • Leads to reduce in labor and material costs, which enables the maintenance much simpler

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