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VariEX® Fire Extinguishers’ Service (Annual Maintenance Contract)

We at VariEx are a trustworthy Service Provider in the area of fire safety equipment industry and devoted to providing our clients with AMC services on the delivered Fire Extinguishers. The Fire Extinguishers’ service for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is offered by our company with the support of eminent professionals. If you are searching fire extinguisher service near your locality, then choose VariEx that provides the best possible services for any kind of extinguisher at reasonable cost or prices.

Types of Fire Extinguishers’ AMC done by VariEX®

There is a total of two types of AMC services completed for VariEx Fire Extinguishers. Take a look!

Comprehensive AMC: - Comprehensive AMC for fire extinguishers’ that VariEx provides to its clients in various segments such as faults in spare parts, the analysis of breakdowns in the hardware, spare parts’ replacement, etc. And during the period of AMC, we are committed to handling preventive maintenance on the provided fire protection extinguishers.

Non-Comprehensive AMC: - Non-comprehensive fire extinguisher AMC for fire extinguishers’ that we, at VariEx, provide to several customers, who are a charge for the work they have employed at their location. On the other hand, any extra expenses that arise during the fire extinguisher service maintenance process are abided by the company. This non-comprehensive AMC is meant for the only service. Our specialists are accountable to advise the customers on any kind of hardware-related breakdown.

Our Responsibilities during AMC

  • We provide Annual Maintenance Contract services on different types of extinguishers in regular intervals of time to the clients.
  • We deliver the required services within 24 hours if a call is placed before 10 AM during normal business working hours. However, the service delivers by the next working day if the call does not receive during this period.
  • Provide fire preventive maintenance services along with stringent fire extinguisher inspection facilities every month to diminish any kind of failure, which may happen in diverse fire extinguishers.

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