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DemonstrationVariEX® Providing Best Demonstration Services

VariEX® Demonstration Training And Services

VariEx offers fire extinguisher training and demonstrations to the clients for educating themselves on how to use different types of fire extinguishers. We at VariEx provide “live fire” demos to you with the following list of benefits.

  • Gaining experiences in extinguishing or putting out a fire with the help of fire extinguisher
  • Boosting added confidence in an emergency like fire mishaps
  • Possible reduction in loss of lives and property when a fire occurs

What we do Under Demonstration

VariEx’s fire extinguisher demonstration sessions present you to the different types of firefighting equipment such as, Fire Extinguisher that are generally found in the homes, workplaces, shopping malls, hospitals, and many more places. The training programs at VariEx provide basic fire safety teachings like how to correctly use the equipment such as fire extinguishers and with the help of engineers and technicians.

VariEx is committed to offering a variety of fire extinguisher training courses to suit the needs of our customers’ requirements. There are two types of demonstration programs such as Long-type Demonstration, and Short-type Demonstration delivered by VariEx.

Here’s a list of necessary points, which we follow in case of a long-type demonstration.

  • Do charge for a nominal price
  • Need 2 hrs.-4 hrs. of time to provide a practical demonstration
  • Communicate with the clients in five languages such as English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu
  • Provide training by covering all types of Fire Extinguishers
  • Maintains a transparent working principle
  • Follow operating principle-PASS method

Here are a few facts that we keep an eye on while doing a short-type demonstration.

  • Do not charge for such type of demonstration
  • 10 minutes-30 minutes is time limitation for the demo sessions
  • Working principle of fire extinguisher
  • Communication with clients in Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu languages

VariEX® Demonstration Work

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