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Fire Extinguisher refill suppliers

Fire Extinguisher refill process

  • When a fire extinguisher has been used, it must be recharged for only a few minutes to remain effective for the next fire. you may have to approach a professional fire equipment manufacturer to do the job. We are here to give you best service for refilling your Extinguisher.
  • Few Steps of Variex fire extinguisher refill service

    • Find out an extinguisher chemical to refill your fire extinguisher
    • New extinguishing agent (powder, gas, water or foam) is filled in the cylinder through a vacuum based process that fills the cylinder with exact a quantity of extinguishing agent.
    • New Discharge fitment mechanism including all new rubber seals, O rings, and hosepipe are attached.
    •The Fire Extinguisher is then made to go through Leak tests. The first is an inverted beaker test in water. The extinguishers also undergo a Mass Spectro Meter Helium Leak Detection

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