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An Overview of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are a worthwhile investment of fire protection available and reducing fire losses.  Research states that sprinklers are an effective and reliable fire suppression strategy for buildings, and they respond quickly to fire for protecting lives and property, reducing the risk of injury to workers, customers, or tenants before the fire department arrives on the scene. Fire sprinklers consist of sprinkler piping along with a ceiling that contains water under pressure, with an additional source of water for a constant flow and automatic sprinkler system attached to the pipes that are placed at selected locations. When a fire occurs, a seal in the fire fighting sprinkler head breaks at a pre-established temperature, and a steady stream of water flows.

But how exactly sprinklers system work? A fire sprinkler system is one of the fire prevention systems that release water to control and extinguish fires. Automatic fire sprinkler systems are activated by heat or smoke (or both).

A fire fighting sprinkler system or sprinkler fitting comprises a series of individual components like Pipe, Stop Valve, Alarm Valve, Fire Sprinkler (head), Alarm Test Valve, and Motorized Alarm Bell (Gong). In addition to this, there are additional components including, a Valve Monitor, Pressure Switch, and Flow Switch, which support this arrangement. Additionally, fire sprinkler system installation can be less expensive to operate, as they use water, a relatively inexpensive commodity.

Residential and Commercial Fire Sprinkler Manufacturers and Suppliers

VariEx is one of the trusted fire protection companies as a manufacturer and supplier of automatic fire sprinklers in India. We not only design in fire sprinklers, but we also install them with perfection in your whole premises with the help of our team, which consists of talented professionals who are having apt experience in this field.

Our range of fire safety sprinkler systems is developed using the highest grade materials and the latest cutting-edge technology that enables us to provide you the best fire protection sprinkler systems for your domestic/commercial/industrial property.

As any fire sprinkler installation is the most vigorous method to combat fire - extensively used as fire fighting equipment. We have earned satisfied clients who are using our products easily since fire sprinkler price or cost is affordable to buy.

Benefits of Using Fire Sprinkler

  • Reduces the risk of fire-related death
  • A cost-effective way to protect both your physical property and the people living or working there
  • Require very little maintenance
  • Reduced Insurance Costs
  • Residents have time to safely escape
  • Surrounding rooms are protected from fire, heat, and smoke damage

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