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ABC fire extinguisher refilling is a critical procedure designed to sustain the extinguisher's efficacy across various fire classifications—Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (flammable liquids), and Class C (electrical fires). This meticulous process involves discharging, thorough inspection, cleaning, replenishing with ABC dry chemical powder, pressure testing, and resealing. Entrusting this task to certified professionals ensures the extinguisher remains a reliable and effective tool for fire mitigation, safeguarding lives and property. Regular, professional maintenance is indispensable for upholding the extinguisher's readiness in the event of an emergency.


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ABC Fire Extinguisher Refilling

Professional Expertise

Refilling a fire extinguisher requires the touch of professional expertise, ensuring your safety gear is in top-notch condition. Our trained technicians approach the task with precision and know-how, carefully disassembling the extinguisher for a thorough inspection. With an eye for detail, they examine every component, checking for wear, damage, or any signs of malfunction. The correct diagnosis guides the refill process, where the appropriate fire extinguishing agent is expertly added to bring your extinguisher back to life. Trust in our professionals—your safety is their priority, and their expertise guarantees your peace of mind. When it comes to fire safety, leave it to the pros.


ABC Fire Extinguisher Refilling

Thorough Inspection

Before refilling, a comprehensive inspection of all components is indispensable. This involves scrutinizing for potential damage, wear, or malfunctioning parts that might compromise the extinguisher's performance. Throughout the fire extinguisher refill process, a meticulous inspection is paramount. Our trained professionals meticulously examine each component, performing visual checks for damage, conducting functional tests to ensure proper operation, pressure testing for optimal performance, and confirming the compatibility of the extinguishing agent.


ABC Fire Extinguisher Refilling

Correct Agent Refill

Empower your ABC fire extinguisher with a meticulous process that combines a thorough inspection and Correct Agent Refill. Our experts assess, inspect, and recharge, ensuring your extinguisher is in peak condition—ready to stand as a reliable guardian against potential fire hazards. Your safety is our priority, and we leave no stone unturned to guarantee your equipment is primed for any challenge it may face.


Our Working ProcessIn 3 steps

Our working process for refilling the fire extinguisher is focused on an interactive environment with our valued clients. We understand the value of time of services and strive hard to fulfill the clients’ requirements in a scheduled time frame. We at Varistor adopt in utilizing new technologies that are capable of providing maximum results during the refilling service. The 3 steps followed by us during fire extinguisher’s refilling service are as follows:

Picking Fire Extinguisher

Pick up the empty extinguisher from customer’s place

Refilling Fire Extinguisher

Refill the extinguisher with appropriate material using quality equipment and after that do check it with our professionals before delivery to the client’s destination

Delivering Fire Extinguisher

Delivers the filled extinguishers to the client’s place on time

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