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Greatest Reliable Brand in Fire Fighting Equipment

A trustworthy name in the field of fire fighting equipment                             

Bank on the in-depth technical know-how and outstanding knowledge of the workforce, we at VariEx have been successful in carving a niche for ourselves as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Fire Safety Equipment. We use high-grade raw materials and innovative technology during the manufacturing of an extensive range of Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hydrant, Smoking Detector, Fire Alarm Panel (addressable fire alarm system, conventional fire alarm system), Fire Fighting Pump, and much more fire fighting systems. The cost of fire safety equipment along with fire extinguisher price is very affordable to buy from us.

At VariEx, it is all about safety and efficacy. Thus, we have been providing the best in class fire safety products and services to all of our consumers. There are different types of portable fire extinguishers provided by us to prevent different types of fires, such as Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, Class E, and Class F.

Buy fire extinguisher types on VariEx

Co2 Fire Extinguisher:  Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Gas media is non-residual, non-conductive, non-contaminating, fire prevention and suitable for clean environments such as IT/ITES/Pharma/Food Processing, etc.

ABC Fire Extinguisher: It is known as Dry Powder type extinguisher that uses nitrogen and suitable for all classes of fire.

Foam Type Fire Extinguisher / Mechanical Foam Extinguisher: AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) is a permanent smothering media, and very effective for fire protection equipment where re-ignition could occur. It is suitable for boilers, HSD tanks, furnace, annealing plants, air crafts, etc.

Water Type Fire Extinguisher: The natural fire fighting media like water is used where cooling is the only way of putting off the fire permanently viz. cotton, textiles, paper, wood, etc.

Clean Agent: HFC-236FA Clean Agent (Low Pressure) is an advanced environment-friendly zero ozone depletion gas media. It is designed for sensitive equipment such as Computer rooms, Data processing centers, Libraries, Museums, Laboratories, Industrial process control rooms, Chemical storage rooms, and so on.

VariEx Product Line

A fire extinguisher is a movable fire protection apparatus comprised of stored-pressure and cartridge-operated and used to put out a small fire by using any substance that cools the burning material and removes the flame of oxygen.

A fire alarm is designed using several devices to detect fire through audio-visual indication. It helps to protect living beings as well as the environment when smoke or fire or carbon monoxide is present.

A fire hydrant is emergency equipment or a pipe connected to the water source. It comprises a series of components to supply water with sufficient pressure and helps fire-fighting experts to put out the fire.

Fire suppression is a fire-fighting device used to prevent the fire tragedy in any building, be it a house, office, school, or hospital. It is capable of suppressing the fire by using dry chemicals and wet agents.

The fire safety signage board is used to respond to detect any fire before it happens. There are different types of signage boards, such as Notice Signs, Emergency Signs, and Caution Signs available in the market.

Fire accessories are categorized into Fire Safety Product Accessories, Like Safety shoes, Safety globs, Safety hosepipe, Extinguisher Accessories, Hydrant Part, and Fire Alarm Accessories, and useful to use when you need to put out the fire.

How We Can Help You

Engineering Consultancy

Our collection of fire extinguishers' design performs a critical role in protecting your life, premises, and valuables. Therefore our certified engineers help you in providing consultancy services on fire fighting devices and other safety items which include:
 Detailed site survey.
 Understand your needs accurately.
 Suggest the most suitable solution for your needs ensuring code compliance.

Turnkey Project Management

Our services, in terms of turnkey project solutions, include the following:
 Conceptualizing, detailed designing, and materializing all the aspects through drawings.
 Supply and Installation of a wide range of fire extinguishers.
 Testing & commissioning of the installed extinguishing fire systems.

Maintenance and After Sales Support

We provide comprehensive after-sales support and product repairs services, cover to the following:
 Starting from maintenance support to provision of spare parts’ replacement.
 Support for on-call customer help and advice.
 Our After Sales team provides pricing for any spares required, as the need may arise, along with item lead times.

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