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Blog for Fire Protection

Fire Safety Management in Hospitals

Fire safety in hospitals is of the most paramount relevance of healthcare facility management by considering the safety of the patients. Fire safety or fire protection is a significant norm that needs to be considered especially during the construction of a hospital, because, it is a tough task to evacuate the people from the hospitals

Fire Safety awareness

Fire is very dangerous as it can destroy property, cause injuries, and take lives. A fire in the workplace can also mean a tremendous safety risk for any business, workplace, or organization, the termination of jobs, as many of the offices and factories. Fire is one of the biggest safety issues and that also sometimes

How to Buy the Best Fire Alarm for Your Building

Being caught in a fire mishap is scary to think about, but it’s an unfortunate truth that many firefighters have to fight with thousands of building fires every year. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the risk of dying in homes without smoke alarms is twice as high as it is in homes that

Types of fire suppression system

Everyone cares about fire safety, whether he is a house owner or property owner, and they know that fire suppression systems are vigorous for preventing the spread of fire and protecting valuable assets. The major role of any fire suppression system is to detect fire and suppress it as soon as it starts and also

Can I Use An Expired Fire Extinguisher_

The sheer presence of a fire extinguisher in your building premises can make you feel safer all the time. However, this piece of fire fighting equipment without the proper maintenance may not function properly when it’s required. A major cause of a non-functioning extinguisher is that it must be expired or too old to use.

What Kind of Fire Extinguishers Are Required in a Commercial Building

Yes, it’s a daunting task to choosing which type of fire extinguisher is right for your commercial building! But, at the same time, it is a life-saving decision when you go for selecting an extinguisher, especially for commercial construction. According to The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the types of fire extinguishers needed for each

What are the Ingredients Used in Fire Extinguishers

When a fire explodes, homeowners or business experts have little time to think beyond putting it out. So it’s time to think about the type of fires you are most likely to deal with especially when you are going to select fire extinguishers. A Fire extinguisher is an essential device safeguarding the lives of the

How Long Does A Fire Extinguisher Work

A fire extinguisher can be your first defense against fire as it has a must-have fire safety feature for all businesses and domestic premises. When the time comes to use your fire extinguisher, you want to be confident that it is going to work efficiently. Although most of us have at least one fire extinguisher

go green a glance at two eco friendly fire extinguishers

There is a huge pressure across the national and international levels toward the protection of our environment, which has affected every area of life. Comprehending this fact in mind, several researchers and companies are developing innovative products that play a safe role for the environment. And eco-friendly fire extinguishers are one of them, and that

Vehicle Fire Suppression System Benefits banner

Yes, safety cannot be compromised! When a fire breaks out in the engine compartment of any vehicle, it can cause destructive damages throughout the rest of the vehicle. Whether it’s heat, flammable liquids, or electrical components in an enclosed engine compartment that can pose a significant fire risk. An accident, or hydraulic line, or even

Top 3 Steps to Choose a Fire Extinguisher for your Home

Every home must have at least one Fire Extinguisher mounted in an easily accessible spot or kept readily at hand. A fire extinguisher is an important safety product that every home should have (safety at home), and it can even prevent a disaster caused by fire when used properly. According to the National Fire Protection

Importance of fire Safety Tips on Construction Sites

Fire safety is a must important even at construction sites like any other business. Buildings under construction can be more at risk to fire because workers use chemicals on the production site, which are flammable. And, also wind can be present frequently around in-progress buildings, which is capable of causing a blaze to spread. The

ABC Fire Extinguisher And Their Uses

We all know that every place, whether it’s your home, workplace, or any public place, require to have fire extinguishers just to prevent any kind of fire hazard. However, most of us even don’t know that a single fire extinguisher does not work on all types of fire. There are many different types of fire

Importance of Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguishers are the foremost part of protecting people and reducing any fire damage when a fire occurs in their home or business. Fire extinguishers are playing a major role in your fire safety plan but, only if you know how to operate the extinguisher properly. It’s not enough to have a fire extinguisher in

Fire safety tips

A fire extinguisher, if it uses properly, can save lives and property. A portable fire extinguisher for your home uses to put out a small fire or control it until the fire department arrives. There are some important things you need to know during the purchase of a fire extinguisher for your home. Fire extinguishers

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