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Blog for Fire Protection

workplace fire safety procedure

The past few weeks have seen lockdown restrictions lifted for several industry sectors, many businesses are beginning to return to their workplaces and set to re-open over the coming weeks and months too. So it is really important to ensure the safety of premises not only from the risks associated with Covid-19 but from dangers

Many businesses are planning to open or have already opened their arrangements to return to work after a considerable period of lockdown, hence you need to consider some key Fire Safety measures for the safety of your employees and your office building. It’s important to continue practicing fire safety to help ensure workplaces are safe

Importance of Choosing Fire Protection Services in Schools

Fire safety is especially important in schools, and the foremost reason for this is, schools pack in hundreds of children into a confined space, equipped with chemistry labs, technology workshops, and huge foot traffic jams as pupils move from class to class. Another big reason to take school fire safety more seriously is that schools

Common Fire Extinguisher Mistakes You Should Avoid

When it comes to preventing the spread of any fire, a fire extinguisher is your first line of defense, either at home or in the workplace. The use of fire extinguishers is easy, but at the same time, it’s crucial to learn the proper, effective, and safe way to extinguish a fire. There are still

Importance of Home Fire Safety during COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns are nowadays responsible for contributing to the risk of home fires. Further, the Corona Virus situation has resulted in many localities requiring people to self-isolate and except allowing for acute needs such as going to the doctor, getting essential things, etc. Since many more people are in their homes and investing

Fire Safety Management for Unoccupied Buildings

Are you one of the property owners of the temporarily unoccupied property or empty, vacant commercial buildings like restaurants or retail stores? Do you own possession of an unoccupied building or property? If these are the cases, it is vital to consider fire risk assessment to protect vacant commercial property. You cannot think like there’s

Which Buildings Require A Fire Suppression System

It’s necessary to have the proper extinguishing equipment at the ready when it comes to protecting your life and property from fire. In this case, Fire Suppression System plays a crucial role in preventing a fire from affecting costly damages to your building and averting injury or even death of residents or employees by allowing

Fire Extinguisher Refilling Service

Every user starting from homeowners to business owners, all need to understand the importance of fire extinguisher refilling, which is an important aspect of a regular fire extinguisher maintenance procedure, and that cannot be ignored. Fire extinguishers need to be refilled every year, and also recharged after they get used, even if the remaining extinguishing

Fire Safety Tips for Electricians in Home or Workplace

Security or protection for the electricians whether it’s in a home or workplace starts with proper fire safety education. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business person, it’s vital to identify and diminish the fire-related risks in your areas with the help of expert electricians. And, for the safety of electrician professionals, we should keep

Types of Fire Alarm System You Need to Install in Your Premise

The fire alarm system is a very important aspect of any domestic and business setting. Fire alarm systems are essential for the protection of life and property and crucial to get a fire alarm system installed in your vicinity as a precautionary measure against accidental fires. According to 2010 Building Regulations, installation of fire alarms

Use Fire Ball to Put Out Fire Instantly banner

Fire Ball is a fully automatic fire extinguishing device and fire protection system used to extinguish the fire immediately when thrown or rolled into a fire. Fire extinguishing ball is a cutting-edge fire safety tool that people can also place where the hotspots are flammable objects, circuit breaker box, gas tank, etc. Fire Extinguishing Ball

Fire Safety at Festivals & Importance of Fire Extinguishers

The Festival season is here! Several holidays and events are already started observing and having the proper amount and type of fire extinguishers are important. Though the craze of organizing any festival has lessened this year due to COVID-19 Pandemic, still then people are uniting festivals with the presence of very less crowd. If you

Fire Safety Management in Hospitals

Fire safety in hospitals is of the most paramount relevance of healthcare facility management by considering the safety of the patients. Fire safety or fire protection is a significant norm that needs to be considered especially during the construction of a hospital, because, it is a tough task to evacuate the people from the hospitals

Fire Safety awareness

Fire is very dangerous as it can destroy property, cause injuries, and take lives. A fire in the workplace can also mean a tremendous safety risk for any business, workplace, or organization, the termination of jobs, as many of the offices and factories. Fire is one of the biggest safety issues and that also sometimes

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