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Blog for Fire Protection

ABC Fire Extinguisher And Their Uses

We all know that every place, whether it’s your home, workplace, or any public place, require to have fire extinguishers just to prevent any kind of fire hazard. However, most of us even don’t know that a single fire extinguisher does not work on all types of fire. There are many different types of fire

Importance of Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguishers are the foremost part of protecting people and reducing any fire damage when a fire occurs in their home or business. Fire extinguishers are playing a major role in your fire safety plan but, only if you know how to operate the extinguisher properly. It’s not enough to have a fire extinguisher in

Fire safety tips

A fire extinguisher, if it uses properly, can save lives and property. A portable fire extinguisher for your home uses to put out a small fire or control it until the fire department arrives. There are some important things you need to know during the purchase of a fire extinguisher for your home. Fire extinguishers

fire extinguishing methods

Fire is the consequence of a chemical reaction called combustion, which happens because of a combination of fuel, and oxygen as well as a source of ignition. If used irresponsibly, it can cause havoc on life and property as fire is one of the foremost reasons for loss of life and living. Despite advances in

One of the common questions that almost all people ask about the types of chemicals used in fire extinguishers or what chemicals are used in fire extinguishers? The chemical that a fire extinguisher contains depends on the purpose for which it is used. The most common chemical is Sodium Bicarbonate used in the fire extinguisher,

The Importance of Testing Your Fire Protection Systems

Your fire protection systems are actually lifesaving systems that are also used in protecting property with 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. In order to operate the fire protection systems properly, those need to be tested and maintained regularly. With all your responsibilities as a building owner or business owner, still, the

Importance of an Audible and Visible Alarm Systems

The foremost benefits of audible and visible fire alarm systems are to alert people about fire mishaps or their life as well as property in dangerous situations. In other words, the fire alarm system uses to aware people of the fire of the building that they need to evacuate. The alarm system is featured with

how to prevent fire at home

A fire mishap at home is a terrible tragedy as it can cause loss of life as well as severe property damage within no time. Therefore, it is important to know about certain effective ways to protect you and your family from any type of fire incidents.  Do you know how fire occurs at your

How to put out kitchen fire

Cooking is one of the important causes of occurring kitchen fires. The kitchen is the place where we always contact fire while cooking, boiling, frying, and grilling the food items. For this reason, there is a maximum chance for fire accidents to occur in the kitchen, which can be dangerous for the occupants as well

Fire safety training

Having fire safety equipment in the workplace can’t only improve their fire safety unless employees are sufficiently trained to use those. For this reason, employees of the offices must undergo appropriate fire safety training sessions for safeguarding themselves against any fire hazard, and properly operating the fire-fighting apparatus specifically designed for the building of the

Fire Signage

Most of the people do not take seriously the presence of fire signs.  If we don’t pay attention to the fire signage on a usual day, then it can create a major problem between life and death in a real emergency. For this reason, fire signages are playing a crucial element of any house or

Fire Alarm System

Yes, a Fire Alarm is a device that helps in securing your home and offers fire safety solutions to the people during Diwali celebrations. Diwali is a festival of happiness and joy; one shares his love with others in various forms, like distributing sweets, gifts and bursting fireworks. Diwali denotes festival of lights hence, celebrated

Safety Tips

The most important yet exciting festival in India is just around the corner, and we all are looking forward to enjoying the celebrations! Diwali symbols the victory of good over evil or light over darkness and hence, celebrated by lighting diyas, burning crackers, decorating the home with lights, beautifying every corner of the house decorated

How to use a fire extinguisher

Fortunately, you’re lucky that have not experienced any fire tragedy! But imagine if any fire mishaps, how would you react? Do you have any idea to do what during a fire emergency? The answer is to operate a fire extinguisher correctly. Therefore, we all should learn the process of using a Fire Extinguisher to avoid

fire safety equipment

Fire Safety is an essential matter for all of us. Many people may not face a major fire tragedy, but don’t be sure that it will never happen to them in the future. Fire is an unpredictable catastrophe that can occur at any time, and therefore, everyone should prepare for such possibilities. The main purpose

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