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VariEx Fire Hydrant System

VariEx is the topmost company for Fire Safety and Fire Fighting Equipment in Bangalore. We at VariEx are the best manufacturer and supplier of Fire Hydrant in Bangalore, Indira Nagar. We provide high-quality fire hydrant systems at budget-friendly prices. Our range of fire fighting systems such as Fire Hydrants is designed to fight the huge fire and even in all classes of risks.

Fire Hydrant installation (fire safety solutions) comprises several pipeworks, which are connected directly to the fire well (water supply main) to provide sufficient water to each hydrant outlet and to through the water to extinguish a fire promptly. What is fire well? The fire well is a type of container where water is stored throughout the year for 365days and connected to the pump room. There are two to three main pipes form a network of fire hydrant pipes that cover the factory compound and the factory. And, the pump has the work, to continuously filling all the pipes connected with water under pressure (nearly 7bar to 10bar).

For example, when a fire is seen by an individual, he or she can start operating the hydrant system and points it towards the direction of the fire. Then a very strong flow of water would attack the fire to extinguish it swiftly. Moreover, there are two types of fire hydrants such as Dry Barrel (needs to have a valve release to let water in) and Wet Barrel (holds a constant water supply) provided by us.

Benefits of Fire Hydrant

  • The fire hydrant system can attack the fire from different angles.
  • The fire protection equipment like Fire Hydrant, due to its large piping system, can fight the fire even from the long distance.
  • Effective means of extinguishing the fire in any as it has high accessibility
  • A strong fire prevention system like Fire Hydrant is used from medium to large-sized fires.
  • This type of fire protection system requires low maintenance.
  • It does not leak water and has a long life.

Components of Fire Hydrants

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VariEx® fire-fighting equipment like Fire Hydrant System caters to the requirement of several application areas such as residential buildings, industrial structures, commercial places, and several such areas. Protecting you and your property through the help of a fire hydrant is the main objective of VariEX


The VariEX® Fire Hydrant System is designed and engineered as per the National & International Safety Standards, and Codes. The team of engineers and associated personnel follow a methodical series of steps, and then they create a functional part of the Fire Hydrant Project. The fire hydrant system is suitable to place at different places throughout the building, leaving no corner in the premises unprotected.


VariEX® Fire Hydrant System provides you varied solutions as per the requirements of clients. Design & Engineering, Turnkey Projects, Technical Support, Consultation, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) are the names of the few.

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