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Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is a unit of several devices used to warn people about a possible fire, smoke, or heat occurrence in the area of reportage by using visual and audio signalization. The warning signal is either a loud siren, bell, flashing light, or included both. Some of the fire alarm systems or home alarm systems use additional warnings, such as sending a voice message or making a phone call.

A Fire alarm system is designed in such a way to alert us to a fire disaster so that we can take immediate action to protect ourselves and the general public. Normally, the fire alarm is fixed in the fire alarm system to provide even regional coverage for residences and commercial buildings where the fire can occur. This is all about the fire alarm system working condition. The fire alarm system in India caters to the requirements of several application areas such as in schools, hospitals, offices, factories, and public buildings.

VariEx is one of the top-class fire alarm system installation companies dealing in a comprehensive range of fire alarms, fire alarm system project, and fire alarm system components at a shoestring budget. It is indulged in itself as one among the fire alarm system manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers in the industry. VariEx is also known as the best fire alarm system installation company even for commercial areas where the cost or price of a fire alarm system is affordable. Commercial fire alarm systems, residential fire alarm systems, and domestic fire alarm systems are three different categories obtainable with VariEx.

Types of Fire Alarm Systems

There are several types of fire alarm systems available depending on the functionality, and the cohesive mechanisms incorporated. Have a look at the different kinds of fire alarm systems or the classification of fire alarm systems.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems: The conventional fire alarm system wires to a single cable that connects a fire alarm security system to a fire alarm control panel, which is used to display a signal when a conventional fire alarm activates to identify any fire or heat happens. A conventional fire alarm system is designed to detect any fire emergency at an early warning system for small facilities. It is considered an inexpensive option for businesses and manufactured to provide sound throughout an entire building, suggesting a possible hazard without giving an exact location.

Standalone Fire Alarm Systems: Standalone fire alarm systems are used as a temporary alarm when the main fire alarm system kept under maintenance. It is a self-contained fire alarm system and also portable fire alarm system, designed for use in small retail, industrial or temporary buildings as well as construction sites.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems: Addressable fire alarm systems are designed in such a way to facilitate the ability to locate the exact location of the fire. This particular type of fire alarm system includes both automatic and manual alarm options while having the ability to monitor all the alarms present in your building. It is also known as the intelligent fire alarm system, incorporated with a dedicated address for each fire alarm detector that again connected to the control panel, for easier identification of the source of the danger.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems: The wireless fire safety systems are flexible and easy to install that provide just as much protection as conventional wired fire alarm system do. Wireless fire alarm system either for commercial or domestic purpose is useful for those applications such as in grade-listed properties where wired installations not appropriate. There are no cables used between the wireless fire alarm systems (fire detection devices) and the control panel, thus keeping yourself away with the need for long-term cable tests.

VariEX® Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system has a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present. These alarms may be activated automatically from smoke detectors, and heat detectors or may also be activated via manual fire alarm activation devices such as manual call points.

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Our working strategy is a truly an interactive environment with our clients. We understand the value of time and strive to take the burden on our shoulders to accomplish the work in real-time. The development of the project is considered complete when you are thoroughly satisfied with the end result. We will fully support and always consult with you on new technologies that would provide maximum results.

Planning and Strategy

Our Qualified Engineers are creating a workflow with the best planning before starting the work.

Design and Installation

Our quality for design & installation always keeps us on the top in the industry.

Testing and Commissioning

We always test the system with the highly iterative manners. By considering NBC Norms.

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