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Wireless Fire Alarm System

The wireless fire alarm system is one of the fire-detection devices operated using no wires or cables. It is also known as a wireless smoke detector system, which provides complete fire protection solutions. The wireless fire alarm system is an ultimate fire safety device that helps in keeping your home protected against any fire tragedy. Even it is a useful expedient for you when searching for a complete wireless fire alarm to upgrade the existing one. And the interior of the building does not get affected during the installation process of a wireless fire alarm.

The wireless fire alarm system incorporated with a control panel is perfect for those who need a quick installation service. Wireless fire alarms or wireless smoke detectors or wireless smoke alarms do not need any cable for installing the panel and devices. VariEx is an exclusive online platform, and also known as one of the reliable suppliers engaged in manufacturing a comprehensive range of wireless fire alarm systems and wireless fire alarm panels. As far as the wireless fire alarm system cost or price is concerned, VariEx offers cost-effective solutions to its clients as per to suit their budget.

How does a wireless fire alarm work?

A fire alarm is a radio signal transferred either from the call points (call point is the box on the wall where you can raise the alarm if you detect a fire) or heat detectors to the fire alarm control panel.

It works in the same way as a normal hard-wired system does – you spot a fire, then you break a call point; a call point breaks, the alarm sounds and this is how a wireless fire alarm works. For this wireless fire alarm installation, no special training is required.

Benefits of Using Wireless Fire Alarm

VariEx is one of the top-notch wireless fire alarm system manufacturers and suppliers in India and engaged in providing the best wireless fire alarm systems whose benefits are given below:

  • As reliable as tested as per International Safety & Quality Standard
  • The Layout can be easily modified if something in your building changes at the time of fixing
  • Helps in saving you money on labor, making good, and decorating costs
  • Uses to extend existing wired systems with a minimum of fuss
  • Fast installation and beneficial to fit with minimum interruption to your business
  • No need to shut down areas of the building even when the installation takes place
  • The only cable is used from the control panel to the mains power and no damage to your walls
  • Installation of wireless fire alarm / wireless smoke detector system can be done easily in buildings where there is limited access due to high ceilings
  • Wireless fire alarm panel still works even if the power goes out as it operates with battery
  • It can be used as a temporary system in locations like building sites where a wired one can’t be installed

Application Areas of Wireless Fire Alarm

  • For businesses such as high-end retail outlets where aesthetics are important
  • For several hotels which would suffer disruption if they had to shut off areas of a building
  • For historic or listed buildings, or those with building restrictions, i.e. The Ritz & Windsor Castle
  • For those buildings which are likely to be renovated or extended in the near future
  • For buildings such as narrow stairwells or high ceilings with difficult points of access
  • For multifaceted sites with numerous buildings such as schools or colleges

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