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Fire Sprinkler System on VariEx Brand

We, at VariEx are committed to engineering a wide range of fire sprinklers with fire protection engineering standards of specially sized or hydraulically designed sprinkler piping installed in building as per TAC, NBC, Indian, and NFPA Standards/ guideline. Our range of automatic sprinkler systems or fire fighting sprinklers is highly appreciated by our clients owing to its durability, high performance, easy installation, and cost-effective price.

Backed by the sound infrastructural facility, rich industry base, and experienced personnel, we have emerged as one of the noted fire protection companies (one of the best fire sprinkler manufacturers and suppliers) of the qualitative range of Fire Sprinkler in India. The equipment is used in offices, homes, many other buildings to prevent fire accidents. With the help of a skilled workforce and experienced quality analyzer, we manufacture the flawless range of fire sprinklers system as per industrial safety standards.

What is Fire Fighting Sprinkler System?

The sprinkler fitting installation comprises fire sprinkler system components such as fire pumps, water storage tanks, sprinkler heads, control valve sets, flow-switches, pressure switches, pipework, and valves. The fire safety sprinkler system operates automatically without human intervention. It is advisable to consider an automatic fire sprinkler in more complex buildings, or where it is necessary to protect the means of escape or the property or contents of the building.

An automatic fire sprinkler system installation is highly necessary as it can detect, control and extinguish a fire, and warn the occupants of occurrence of fire. The fire protection sprinkler systems are also now acknowledged as an effective means of reducing the risk to life from fire, therefore fire prevention systems like a sprinkler for fire safety are being developed to be used in workplaces with residential areas, such as care homes and houses in multiple occupancies.

How do fire sprinklers system work?

The sprinklers are connected to pipework filled with water, supplied either from the water mains or from a storage tank through a pump - as soon as a sprinkler operates, the flow of water in the pipework operates a flow switch, which, in turn, operates an alarm system and Rescue Service.

In other words, sprinklers are individually operated by the heat from a fire, which means when a fire starts, hot gases rise to the ceiling. A glass bulb or solder link gets hot, and at a specific temperature (typically 68°C), it breaks, releasing a cap and allowing water to flow onto a diffuser. The diffuser breaks up the water flow into controlled droplets which enter the fire trail and cool the burning material to below its explosion point, thus controlling the fire.

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