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Interpretation of the Logo of VariEX®

Logo of a product or company is identity of the product or company and should reflect its ideology. Similarly the logo should also represent the field to which this is related in term of solutions. For common people it should be easily recognizable and recallable. Design of logo should remain valid for long duration even in changing situations. It should be easily reproducible in various modes, like colour, monochrome etc.


Meaning of the Logo.

This logo comprises of a fire flame, Latter’s in the form of VariEX with black and red color, trademark sign and also have a tagline.

  •  Fire Flame bolt symbolizes fire-related issues in commercial, industrial and residential buildings and society which can be caused by the various explosive material.
  • “VariEX” word in logo comprises “Vari” and “Ex” where “Vari” represents the initial 4 letters of “Varistor” which have been taken from the first word of Varistor Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and “Ex” has been taken from “Extinguish” which meaning is “put an end to; destroy" so “Variex” represents Fire Extinguish solutions developed by Varistor Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • In the logo, the Black color of “Vari” represents the strength to extinguish the fire and Red color of “Ex” represent Fire itself.
  • Tagline “Fire Immuniser” with two horizontal lines before and after represents the fire protection and products used in fire safety solutions.

In totality, this logo represents a complete fire safety solutions by Varistor Technologies Pvt. Ltd. that used to keep safe and protected devices, buildings and society from the fire with the use of innovative fire safety products.

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