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The Right Equipment during a Fire Emergency: Fire Hydrant

We at VariEx are one of the trustworthy fire safety solution providers in the fire fighting equipment industry. The company has maintained its top position in complete Fire Protection System Technology through continuous investments in Research and Development strategy.

We design a wide range of Fire Hydrant Systems as per National standard and quality norms. We design Fire Hydrants as per NBC, NFPA, and Indian Standards or guidelines such as ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, Trade Mark Act, 1999. Our designed fire safety equipment like Fire Hydrants is not only complying with the national norms or guidelines but also considered the exact requirement to minimize the cost at the same time, increase the effectiveness of the system for maximum gains.

What is a Fire Hydrant?

A fire hydrant System is one of the best fire prevention/fire fighting system and an above-ground connection, which provides access to a water supply to extinguish fires. Fire hydrant systems are a complete installation process of hydrant pipes, water tanks, pumps, hydrant outlets, and fire hose reels. In addition to these, some more components used in the fire hydrants are single-headed hydrant valve, double hydrant valve, landing valve, fire hydrant boxes, fire hydrant nozzle, and some other fire hydrant accessories.

Fire Hydrants are two types, viz., External Hydrant System (hydrants are installed in the open places, like the city, or town water mains, or industrial or such other occupancies), and Internal Hydrant System (hydrants are installed in buildings or structures to be protected). These are the main two types of fire hydrants available in the market.

Various Stages of the Hydrant installation 

Have a look at the photographs taken from the site that can show the construction of the Fire Hydrant installation at various stages until the project completion.

  1. Start of project
  2. Pump area slab
  3. Booster rear
  4. Booster Cabinet
  5. Tap into street Main
  6. 100mm Copper Main feed
  7. Roof Going Up
  8. Completed Pump Room

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