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Fire Protection for On-Road Vehicles, Specialty Vehicles, and Off-Road Equipment!

VariEx Fire Suppression System For Vehicles

Yes, it’s quietly possible that vehicle fires can occur at any time, even when the vehicle is not in use. In this case, the vehicle fire suppression system detects a fire automatically and suppresses it in minutes. This early detection is vital not only for the safety of the driver but also for the longevity of your business and the protection of other vehicles. VariEx fire suppression systems are designed to warn the operator, and at the same time, suppress the fire, protecting both vehicles and drivers. The automatic fire suppression systems suppress the fire in its earliest stages before it becomes fully spreads into highly combustible areas, and for this reason, the damage is limited, and equipment downtime is held to a minimum.

The automatic fire suppression system is a reliable yet effective fire fighting system ideally used to extinguish vehicles’ fire. This type of fire suppression system is designed with detection wires wrapped around the perimeter of the vehicle’s engine. Now a question arises, how it works? When the insulation on one wire melts at the case of reaching a temperature of 356℉ or higher, the melted wire touches the other wire, and a message is sent to the control panel to dump the system and extinguish the fire immediately.

Industries Vehicle Fire Suppression System on VariEx Cater To:

  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Aviation
  • Forestry
  • Metal processing
  • Agribusiness
  • Power generation/utilities
  • Waste processing

VariEx Automatic Fire Suppression and its Features

VariEx is one of the reliable vehicle fire suppression system manufacturers and suppliers providing the best fire suppression services to varied clients. Our fire suppression equipment for vehicle fires that uses fire suppression chemicals to extinguish the fire efficiently. It is known as the best fire suppression system and appreciated due to the following list of features.

  • Easy installation directly inside engine compartments of vehicles
  • Early fire detection
  • Instant fire suppression capacity just moments after the fire began
  • Fast, effective fire suppression in small, design-friendly footprint
  • Able to protect the engine compartment
  • Highly dependable with no electricity required

Are you looking for an effective fire suppression system for your vehicles?

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