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One of the Best Fire Alarm Companies Provide Intelligent Fire Detection and Superior Protection: VariEx

We at VariEx care about your safety. Hence, we with years of domain experience in fire alarm systems provide you with smart products and fire safety solutions, designed to let you rest assured that your lives will be protected, and effectively saved. 

We believe in the earliest as well as accurate fire detection as the essential aspects of every heat detector and fire detector system. Our company VariEx makes sure that you can rely on our belief and therefore, we adopt the most advanced technologies when developing our fire protection and fire prevention devices.

When you choose VariEx to install a smoke and heat detectors or to inspect, or upgrade any used fire prevention and protection system, you get the strength of our team, which is known for being professional and reliable.

Installation, Inspection, and Fire Safety Services for a Range of Fire Safety Equipment

Fire protection system or fire detection system could be the life and death of your life as well as business-half of the cent percent of people who experience a fire cannot reopen their business because the damage and downtime are too extensive.

We at Variex.in inspect fire protection equipment such as smoke alarm systems and install fire safety systems from our range of high-quality fire alarm system manufacturers, suppliers and dealers. Our team of service engineers and technicians are consistently up to date through steady training in the evolving technology behind the best fire alarms or portable smoke detectors. Our team of technicians is provided with extensive training sessions that help them in inspecting, installing, and servicing fire safety products like smoke alarm systems.

Types of Fire Alarms

A wide range of fire alarm system price at VariEx is affordable to buy. Our list of Fire Alarm is as follows:

  • Photoelectric smoke alarm
  • Addressable fire alarm system or Addressable smoke detector
  • Wireless fire alarm system or Wireless smoke alarms
  • Conventional fire alarm system
  • Wireless fire alarm
  • Conventional smoke detector
  • Automatic fire alarm system


The standalone fire alarm is made using a photoelectric sensor, and ceiling mounted. It has appreciated by several clients due to its features such as auto-reset after the smoke clears, low battery warning, and dustproof & mothproof design. The standalone fire alarm system is ideal to use in temporary constructions, small offices, and storage spaces.


A conventional fire alarm is a safety yet early warning system to detect any signs of fire within your premises. When it comes to detecting a fire, a conventional fire alarm is a device that may aware you with the area of the fire, but not the exact location where the incident has taken place. This type of fire alarm system is inexpensive.


An addressable fire alarm is an early warning system and designed to locate a fire precisely where it exactly occurs. This particular fire alarm system is useful to tell you about the specific room where the fire happens within and the floor level. The addressable fire alarm system is one of the efficient fire alarm devices and ideal for large amenity areas.


A wireless fire alarm is a hassle-free alarm that gives you maximum flexibility to detect the fire. It is useful for easy installation in individual houses and apartments where limited access exists and saves you money on labor. Fast & simple installation, reduces disruption, and cost-saving are the advantages of this system.

Would you want any fire alarm system in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon when it comes to the safety and security of lives and property?


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