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Reliable Kitchen Fire Suppression System: VariEx

VariEx’s Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are designed exclusively for all types of kitchens, considering the associated risks of fire and protecting you from it. These types of fire suppression systems extinguish the flames immediately and bring cooling effect while generating massive vaporization, and therefore, eliminating the chances of re-ignition. Kitchen fire suppression systems are designed in such a way to protect a wide variety of kitchen appliances, such as stoves or deep fat fryers.

The nozzles for the kitchen fire suppression are installed in the kitchen hood exhaust and in this way, the wet chemicals generally discharge directly over the source of the fire to put out it. The kitchen hood firefighting systems on the VariEx brand are perfect solutions for small to ultra-large size kitchen, be it a home kitchen, commercial or industrial kitchens.

What is kitchen Fire Suppression and how it works?

The kitchen fire suppression system connects to both equipment hoods and gas supply lines in the kitchen room. The fire suppression interrupts the gas supply in addition to releasing the chemical agent once it activates as burning fats and oils are much more dangerous, which is being released by gas. Equipment hoods then use to remove the smoke resulting from the fire suppression.


  • Safe to use and easy to recharge
  • Takes lesser time to clean up post-fire and allows the kitchen to be re-opened sooner
  • Creates no damage as the extinguishing agent is non-corrosive
  • No electronics/electrical work on most of the kitchen fire suppression systems
  • No large cylinder storage requirements – goes next to risk in a box
  • Early detection and quick response
  • Pre-engineered and tested to ensure success
  • Eliminates fuel source

Are you thinking of installing a new fire suppression system in your kitchen? Looking to upgrade your existing kitchen suppression system? Do you need a maintenance schedule for your system? Book our Fire Suppression Consultants to visit your site and conduct a free site survey.

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