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VariEX™Fire Alarm Panel

Fire Alarm Panel

A fire alarm panel is a unit that controls the fire alarm system. Fire alarm panel or fire control panel communicates a fire detection device and then conveys that communications between detectors, alarms, suppression systems, and monitoring stations. In other words, the fire panel is designed to collect information like facts or figures from devices, monitors their operational integrity, detects fires, and reports about it; provides the received info for automatic control of equipment, and communication of necessary information to prepare the facility for fire based on a predetermined sequence.

There are two categories of fire alarm panels such as traditional fire alarm panel (wired) and wireless fire alarm panel manufactured and available in the market. The traditional fire alarm control panel is hardwired to each device of the system, whereas the wireless fire alarm control panel linked to radio units. The control panel recognizes a smoke, heat, flame detector or a manual call station when the current or else resistance on a circuit increases from the activation of a detection appliance.

The installation of the fire alarm control panel, or fire alarm panel system is done in the building's evacuation when a fire happens. Furthermore, the firefighting panel consequently activates or generates the visual and auditory types of notification devices to alert people of an emergency.

Components used in fire alarm panel and their uses

The fire alarm panel is developed using certain components. Have a look at the following list of elements and their uses.

1. Battery: Used as a short-term power supply for the places where the main power supply gets interrupted.

2. Interface: Offers keys so that operators can input commands to the fire alarm control panel, in response to updates supplied by an integral display.

3. SLC Loop: Delivers communication to addressable input and addressable output alarm appliances.

4. Relays: Used to interface the fire alarm control panel or fire alarm panel with other building systems usually, and also linked to appliances.

5. Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs): Used to initiate auditory and visual alarms.

6. Phone Jacks: Used to link the fire alarm system panel or smoke detector panel to an audible sensor (digital communicator) which can split all phone connections but not associated with the fire alarm control panel.

7. Power Conditioner: Protects the fire alarm control panel/fire alarm control system from electrical surges, spikes, sags, overvoltage, brownouts, and electrical noise.

8. Cabinet: Used to identify and protects the fire alarm control panel visually from tampering and mild environmental threats like dust, moisture, etc. It also protects internal components but typically allows access to the display.

9. Main Circuit Board: Operates by using the fire alarm panel’s microprocessor, power supply, primary components, and wiring connections.

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How does a fire alarm control panel work?

The fire alarm control panel is used to act as a middleman between its devices just to watch for hazards and alerts people about the danger with fire protection systems. The panel performs a wide range of life-saving and property-protection responsibilities. Some of the fire alarm panels activate fire suppression or fire sprinkler systems, while others don't; some transmit a signal used to alert first responders, while others simply sound the alarms in or around the building.

The exact process of its working condition is as follows:

• A smoke detector, heat detector, and manual call point send a signal to a fire alarm panel when a fire starts. Fire sprinkler systems incorporate a flow switch or alarm pressure switch (devices designed to detect sprinkler activation) that convey a signal to the panel when water begins to flow through an activated sprinkler system.

• Then the fire panel system responds to any of these signals by lighting up or making a sound, activating local bells or other signals, and sending a signal to fire officials by notifying the authorities.

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