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Are you looking for a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System?

If you are looking for a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System or thinking about upgrading your current fire protection system, contact VariEx today. Whether you have a small server room full of valuable data, state-of-the-art healthcare units having costlier equipment, or a large room of priceless antiquities items in a museum, VariEx Fire Suppression experts can help you protect your properties and assets from the hazards of fire.

We are blessed with proficient experts who can design, install, and maintain your clean agent fire suppression systems. Our team of fire suppression experts would be happy to help you by answering all of your questions about clean agent systems. If you have a clean agent system already installed in your business, VariEx can take care of the routine inspections and testing as well.

An Overview of Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Clean agent fire suppression systems are used to suppress a fire by utilizing inert gases and chemical agents. A fire can only occur when three elements like a fuel source, heat, and oxygen are present. And fire can be extinguished if you block one of the three elements. A clean agent fire extinguishing system is one of the reliable fire safety and fire fighting system that eliminates the heat or oxygen to put out the fire immediately. Clean agent gas is colorless, non-conductive, odorless, leaves no residue, and are safe for humans, and they also interrupt the chemical chain of fire, accelerating suppression without damaging sensitive equipment, electronics, or high-value assets.


  • A safety fire suppression system perfect for both occupied and unoccupied rooms
  • Waterless protection to save electronics, files, or irreplaceable collectibles
  • Provides fast-acting protection or fire prevention solution within seconds to extinguish a fire
  • Minimized downtime by using this fire safety equipment
  • Environment-friendly

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