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Fire Safety Solutions for Server Rooms: Protecting Data to Limit Downtime 

The fire suppression system is the most effective fire fighting and fire safety equipment widely used in the server room itself, and that not only protects the valuable equipment to protect your data against loss as well as reduces the downtime of critical business operations. VariEx is a topnotch brand or fire safety company (one of the best suppliers and dealers) dealing with a server room fire suppression system perfect to use without any human intervention. In other words, the fire suppression system automatically extinguishes a fire, immediately protecting one of the most expensive and valuable server rooms in the building for many businesses. VariEx automatic fire suppression systems are not only beneficial to protect the valuable equipment for protecting your data against loss but also reduce the downtime of critical business operations.

Online banking, big data, and e-commerce have got on a new age of data and computing. And, choosing a suppression system over a sprinkler system is a vital decision because of the sensitive and vulnerable nature of server rooms, as a sprinkler system causes expensive water damage and may put the business at risk with excessive downtime. The design standards for VariEx fire suppression systems in server rooms have strict guidelines in regards to the fire suppression agents, which are capable of helping you with fire prevention and fire protection facilities.

Types of Data Center Fire Suppression Systems on VariEx Brand

Telecommunication Data Center

Our fire suppression systems allow fire detection and suppression inside of the telecommunication data center, so a growing fire can be caught quickly and at the same time, slow down the spread of fire to other different parts of the same building.

Cloud Servers

Our fire fighting system equipment such as suppression systems for cloud server rooms (an integral part of many companies’ IT infrastructures) are available with an optional pressure switch that can be tied into an emergency power-off switch or alarm system and notify you when a fire event occurs.

Server Racks

Our server rack suppression systems are the best fire fighting equipment accessible with an optional pressure switch that can be tied into an emergency power-off switch or alarm system and helpful to notify you when a fire event occurs.

Other Applications

  • Manufacturing and Machining
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Laboratory

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