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Conventional Fire Alarm

What is a conventional fire alarm? A conventional fire alarm is a fire safety device and designed in such a way to alert you to any signs of fire happens within your premises. It is capable of detecting any smoke or heat and helps people to escape from the building safely and swiftly. This is the meaning of a conventional fire alarm system that anyone can require to understand it.

A conventional fire alarm system can be set up in zones, and each zone is hardwired to a control panel or zone expander. It is available at a cheap price and requires less labor for the installation. Conventional smoke detector price is affordable to get irrespective of its size and design. The conventional fire alarm system is ideal for small buildings, such as individual offices, restaurants, apartments, retail shops, or small schools.

VariEx is one of the conventional fire alarm system manufacturers that provide an extensive range of devices at your budget only. It is the most reliable platform where you may check the conventional type fire alarm system price list to get the best one as per your budget.

Each device of the conventional alarm system connects to the control panel via its wire; one end of the wire touches the device, and another touches with the control panel. The conventional fire alarm control panel connects with multiple wires, and by wiring your building into different zones, one can get a general idea of where the fire occurs. For example, you have a house with three-story; wired the first as zone 1, the second as zone 2 and the third as zone 3. So in that case, if a fire occurs in zone 1, you will get to know that the fire happens somewhere on the first floor.

Advantages of a Conventional Fire Alarm 

  • Available as the cheaper options to buy
  • Suitable for smaller business premises such as nurseries, small hotels, warehouses, shops, etc.
  • Designed to detect a fire early
  • Accessible with cost-effective solutions for the smaller applications

How does a Conventional Fire Alarm work?

The conventional fire alarm is connected to the fire detection devices using several wires. When a connected device detects any sign of a fire such as smoke or heat, it will then send a signal to the control panel and set off the conventional fire alarm. And, the fire alarm panel will confirm you which area of your building the fire detected. For example, area1 could be set up as the ground floor; area2 could be set up as the first floor. This is the process of working functionality of a conventional fire alarm system.

In other words, each device like the smoke alarm or conventional smoke detector is connected to the main fire alarm control panel by its wire, and then it operates the sounders for a full evacuation when a detector triggered.

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