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Fire Suppression System

A fire suppression system is a fire detected equipment designed to detect any fire as soon as it starts and helps to suppress it immediately from spreading. As the name implies, the suppression systems are used to suppress the spread of fire until firefighters arrive and using a combination of dry chemicals or wet agents. This particular system is ideal to use in any data center or a museum where the availability of several important assets, equipment, and exhibits can remain safe or unaffected by using the fire suppression methods.

VariEX® fire suppression System

Our range of automatic fire suppression systems use for general firefighting requirements. The fire suppression systems on VariEx® use a combination of dry chemicals and wet agents like water and foam to suppress equipment fires. These are designed and installed with flexible options and tested as per International Safety Standards to ensure in protecting people and critical assets against any fire mishaps.

Our Working ProcessIn 3 steps

VariEx® works in close coordination with its clients to meet every project's details successfully. We at VariEx understand the value of time and hence, strive our best to accomplish the work in real-time. We are committed to adopting new technologies that enable us to provide maximum results. Have a look at the fire suppression system’s working procedure.

Planning and Strategy

Our team of engineers and layout designers are dedicated to their work to make proper strategy planning before starting the manufacturing work of suppression systems.

Design and Installation

The design and installation services for our fire suppression systems are the important factors that keep us ahead of the crowd.

Testing and Commissioning

We, with the help of experienced quality inspectors, perform a quality test on the completed project, as per the NBC Norms before the final consignment deliveries to the market.

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