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Vehicle Fire Suppression System & Its Benefits for Your Means of Transportation

Yes, safety cannot be compromised! When a fire breaks out in the engine compartment of any vehicle, it can cause destructive damages throughout the rest of the vehicle. Whether it’s heat, flammable liquids, or electrical components in an enclosed engine compartment that can pose a significant fire risk. An accident, or hydraulic line, or even a faulty part can result in a serious emergency. Even Significant damages due to fire tragedy such as loss of life, environmental impact, and higher insurance premiums can be proven enormously harmful. The Vehicle Fire Suppression system comes into the picture to avoid such situations!

vehicle fire suppression system benefits                                        (Image Source: Firesystems.net)

The vehicle fire suppression systems are used to reduce the fire risk for your operators, vehicles, and earthmoving equipment. It offers a choice of activation method of the fire suppression process and automatic fire detection. In addition to this, this fire fighting system has both fire suppression and cooling abilities, which enables to coverings of the fuel component of the fire and removes the oxygen.

With the help of an automatic fire suppression system, fires on any vehicle can quickly be detected and suppressed, and hence, it is capable of limiting damages and complete losses. The agent used in a vehicle fire suppression system is typically a wet chemical agent that uses organic and inorganic salts along with surface-active ingredients to reduce the surface tension of the flammable liquid and cool the fire immediately. 

Vehicle fire suppression systems are often used in several industries:

  • Cargo Transport
  • Power Generation
  • Agribusiness
  • Construction
  • Forestry/Logging
  • Mining
  • Waste Management

Benefits of Using Vehicle Fire-Suppression Systems:

  • Quick and easy installation directly inside electrical cabinets
  • Automatically yet early fire detection and Instant suppression capabilities
  • Designed to protect Vehicle Engines from any type of fire
  • Designed to safeguard human lives while protecting valuable vehicles from potential destruction
  • Help lower insurance premiums, leading to further money savings and return on investment
  • Identifying potential fire hazards in and around your vehicles

Final Say

Buses, Service Trucks, Transport Vehicles, Mining Vehicles, Fire Engine Trucks, Emergency Vehicles, and Recreational Vehicles work around the clock, often in rugged, hazardous environments. Highly flammable fuels, oils, and hydraulic fluids flow through pressurized lines within inches of super-heated engine blocks and turbochargers, which may create fire tragedy. In this case, an automatic fire suppression system for vehicles can help you to protect your vehicle from any kind of fire mishaps. You may contact VariEx, which is one of the vehicle fire suppression system manufacturers in the industry. Good Luck!!

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