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How to Buy the Best Fire Alarm for Your Building

Being caught in a fire mishap is scary to think about, but it’s an unfortunate truth that many firefighters have to fight with thousands of building fires every year. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the risk of dying in homes without smoke alarms is twice as high as it is in homes that have working smoke alarms.

And, to escape a building fire, early warning is vital; and for this reason, every home or business needs a smoke alarm. A smoke alarm is one of the best yet most affordable ways to provide early warning when a fire begins at your premise. A fire alarm or smoke detector is a portable device, which can help prevent injuries and minimize property damage if it is installed and maintained properly.

But with several different types of automatic alarm systems out there, it can be confusing to know which one is the best for your house. Therefore, we are writing this Blog that will help you to choose the best one for faster smoke detection. Let’s get started!

Know Your Types of Fire Alarms

Ionisation alarm: - Ionisation alarms are best at detecting small particles released by fast, flaming fires that don't emit much visible smoke. This kind of heat detector or fire detector contains a very small amount of radioactive material, which reacts to particles emitted in a fire and sets off the alarm. An ionisation alarm is very sensitive as the smoke produced by any burnt food or by steam from the shower can trigger them, hence you may get more false alarms. Therefore, it is advisable not to place near the kitchen or bathroom.

Photoelectric alarm: - The photoelectric alarm is best at detecting a common type of house fire called smoky and blazing fire. This type of smoking detector or fire alarm contains a photocell and a light beam shining away from the cell, and as soon as smoke enters the test chamber, some of the light scatters by the smoke particles and hits the cell, triggering the alarm. And, it is advisable to be cleaned occasionally as dust or insects entering the unit can cause false alarms.

Dual sensor alarm: - It contains both an ionisation smoke sensor and a photoelectric smoke sensor, and therefore dual-sensor alarm is comprised of the best and worst features of both smoke detector types. A dual-sensor alarm is a good option to install in your building but doesn't install them near a kitchen or bathroom as with any ionisation alarm. Even some models of this type of smoke alarm require both fire sensors to be triggered before the alarm will go off, but this may delay the alert from sounding.

Now a question arises, which type of fire alarm detector is the best for your home or business?

The photoelectric alarm is the best type as recommended by most fire authorities. It's important to detect the fire early in the smoldering phase so that you can escape the house; the longer the fire goes on, the more smoke can fill the home and become a visibility and breathing vulnerability.

Photoelectric fire alarms are usually much faster at detecting smoke or fire from flaming synthetic material than ionisation alarms. In a typical house fire, burning material for a long time (possibly a few hours) before flaring into flames.

Final Say

VariEx smoke detectors/fire alarms/smoking alarms are good for warning you when any fire emergency happens. But then, one must prevent a fire in the first place, for this, he or she must start with a few common safety practices like careful cooking, cleaning out lint traps frequently, and storing flammable products safely. It’s also a good idea to install fire alarm systems on the VariEx brand (fire alarm supplier and manufacturer) in the building. And, wireless fire alarm system price at variexonline.com is reasonable to buy.  

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