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Why You Go Right Installing a Commercial Fire Sprinkler System?

Almost every year, fire hazards in thousands of commercial properties like office buildings, retailers, or restaurants cause lakhs/crores of assets in damage. Fire is your critical nightmare, especially when your work runs a department store, a warehouse, or any other related business. Now imagine, if a fire breaks out at night, when no one is around in your building, stocked with furniture or flammable chemicals, the fires can spread in no time, and you might lose a business that takes years or decades to build up. It makes sense to have a fire-fighting system and sprinkler probably come to mind when you think about the best mechanisms of a fire protection system. Sprinkler Systems protect during night and day from fire damage particularly, when no one’s around to call the fire department. Sprinklers are not only recommended for business buildings but also well worth having in homes.

Fire sprinkler system

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Now a question occurs, how does a sprinkler system work? A fire sprinkler system consists of pumps, piping, and detection devices. The Pipes of sprinklers generally hook into your building’s water supply that pushes to upper floors in multi-level structures through pumping or pressurization, and sprinkler heads are the distribution devices that help spray water over a fire. High heat usually occurs between 165-175 degrees F, which can activate sprinklers, and after this, they may release water over the hot area, dousing the fire.

how does a sprinkler system work

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So if your business or home needs new fire sprinklers to get installed or an existing system inspected, then choose VariEx.in (Variexonline.com) that can help you cover. With our widespread in-house engineering and fabrication department, we can provide our customers with a comprehensive range of sprinkler systems installations and AMC services in a timely and professional manner across India.

Why install a fire sprinkler (VariEx) system?

Sprinkler systems can douse a blaze completely before it becomes a real threat since they are designed in such a way to work as the first line of defense against growing fires. VariEx can handle many types of sprinkler installation projects, which start from industrial properties to high-rise buildings to apartment complexes. This fire safety company (fire sprinkler system company) has experience designing and implementing complex systems on large properties and ensures that no detail is overlooked, from selecting the right type of sprinkler system (according to the situation) to ensuring your fire pump works from day one. 

Apart from the installation of sprinklers, it is equally important to conduct inspections quarterly and annually to make sure the working condition of the systems (even though they seem like nothing is wrong with your sprinklers). Don’t wait until an emergency to arise! Select VariEx.in as your service provider to avail your fire sprinkler inspections, which are comprised of checking valves, pipes, hangers, and assemblies and ensures every aspect of the system meets fire codes and for keeping your building safe from fire.

There are some reasons for which you cannot go wrong installing fire sprinkler systems that include:

Evade to all the potential injuries or fatalities

Fire sprinkler systems can avoid any kind of accidental injuries or death if any fire happens and allow people time to evacuate the building. Further, the systems can help minimize the damage from a property fire. For example, if a fire occurs at a multistory building and sends smoke to all the floors above the fire resulting in potential casualties, and in this particular case, a fire sprinkler system (commercial) reduces the likelihood of injury or death from a building fire.

Evade to all the potential injuries or fatalities

(Image source: Home.howstuffworks.com)

Prevent from potential damages

Fire at any commercial property is a life-threatening event as any small fire can cause a great deal of damage in an office building, restaurant, or shop. Hence, you must use fire sprinkler systems, which are designed to extinguish a fire and to limit potential damage due to fire hazards.

Validate your company's commitment to safety

Installation of fire sprinkler system for any business proves that you as a business owner don’t just value your business and also, give importance to your clients’ or employees’ lives and want to keep them safe while they visit your company. Business owners want their employees and customers to feel safe at their place of business by installing commercial fire sprinkler systems, and therefore they get to know you care about their safety and well-being.

Validate your company's commitment to safety

(Image source: Jpplumbing.com)

Final Say

We at VariEx.in or Variexonline.com have mastered the art of designing, installing, inspecting, and fixing automatic sprinkler systems with the help of our in-house team, which is capable of delivering the fire sprinkler services you need, whether large or small and at affordable cost.

To schedule a fire sprinkler installation, or you think our services could benefit your commercial property, contact us online or give us a call at, 7829629111

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  2. The significance and advantages of using business fire sprinkler systems are likely to be covered in this post by Variex. The function of sprinkler systems in protecting commercial buildings from fires, with an emphasis on regulatory compliance and safety, will be detailed for readers. Anyone looking for information about fire safety infrastructure, such as business owners or facility managers, could find this page useful.

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