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Which Type Of Pump Is Used In Fire Fighting System

Fire fighting systems are essential for protecting lives and minimizing property damage during emergencies. One of the crucial components of these systems is the fire pump. Fire pumps are responsible for supplying water or foam to fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrant system, or hoses. They help maintain adequate water pressure, ensuring an efficient and effective fire suppression process. In this article, we will discuss the different types of pumps used in fire fighting systems and their specific applications.

Which Type Of Pump Is Used In Fire Fighting System

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are the most commonly used type of pump in fire fighting systems. These pumps utilize centrifugal force to increase water pressure and deliver it to the desired location. They are highly reliable and efficient, making them ideal for a wide range of fire suppression applications.

One of the benefits of centrifugal pumps is their ability to handle large volumes of water. This is crucial in fire fighting scenarios where a significant amount of water is needed to control and extinguish fires. They can also be horizontally or vertically mounted, providing flexibility in installation.

Vertical Turbine Pumps

Fire fighting systems use vertical turbine pumps as another type of pump. Unlike centrifugal pumps, which move water horizontally, these pumps utilize a vertical impeller shaft.

People primarily use vertical turbine pumps in scenarios where higher water pressure is required, such as high-rise buildings or areas with complex water distribution layouts.

The design of vertical turbine pumps allows them to lift water from lower levels and deliver it to higher ones. They are particularly effective in situations where water needs to be supplied over long vertical distances. Installers often install these pumps in fire pumps with multiple impellers for increased efficiency and reliability.

Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive displacement pumps less commonly use in fire fighting systems but sometimes people find them in specialized applications. These pumps work by displacing a fixed volume of water with each stroke or rotation, providing a consistent flow regardless of pressure variations. People typically use them in situations where maintaining a constant water flow is of utmost importance, such as in some industrial fire suppression systems.

While positive displacement pumps offer steady and reliable water supply, they have limited capacity compared to centrifugal pumps. They also require more maintenance and may not be suitable for scenarios that require large volumes of water over extended periods.


When it comes to fire fighting systems, the choice of pump is crucial for ensuring effective fire suppression. Due to their efficiency, reliability, and ability to handle large volumes of water, people most commonly use centrifugal pumps. Vertical turbine pumps are suitable for scenarios that require higher water pressure, such as tall buildings. Positive displacement pumps, although less commonly used, offer a consistent flow of water but have a limited capacity.

Understanding the different types of pumps and their specific applications can help fire protection professionals make informed decisions when designing or maintaining fire fighting systems. Regardless of the pump type, regular maintenance and testing are essential to ensure their optimal performance during emergencies. With the right pump in place, fire fighters can have confidence in their ability to control and extinguish fires, effectively protecting lives and property.

Frequently Asked Question

What type of pump is typically used in a fire fighting system?

The most common type of pump used in fire fighting systems is the centrifugal pump. It is capable of providing high-pressure water flow to extinguish fires effectively.

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