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Which Buildings Require A Fire Suppression System and When?

It’s necessary to have the proper extinguishing equipment at the ready when it comes to protecting your life and property from fire. In this case, Fire Suppression System plays a crucial role in preventing a fire from affecting costly damages to your building and averting injury or even death of residents or employees by allowing them proper time to leave the building after a fire is detected. Automatic fire suppression is the most suitable option for safeguarding your assets such as sensitive electronic equipment, priceless archives, and delicate paper documents and due to this, it is the best choice for ordinary office buildings, retail stores, and similar commercial properties. A fire suppression system uses dry chemicals, gases, wet chemicals, liquids, or foam to suppress fires while it is used in minimizing property damage, and downtime for your business.

Now the question is, what types of buildings require fire suppression systems? These are used in buildings, like industrial plants storing hazardous chemicals, where a sprinkler system doesn't work effectively. Apart from this, kitchens of any building should have suppression systems because of the high quantity of grease that makes water a potentially dangerous liquid to use as a suppression agent. Similarly, some other buildings with sensitive equipment like data centers should use fire suppression systems. Therefore, such kinds of buildings need more effective extinguishers like suppression systems that consist of several fire protection components including, detectors, alarms, and suppression agents. After all, sensitive electronic equipment, priceless archives, and delicate paper documents could be damaged just as badly by water, plus spraying water on some types of fires is highly ineffective and only encourages them to spread.

Fire Suppression Systems caters to the following list of industries:

Here are some specific industries that need a fire suppression system, especially when water isn’t a suitable extinguishing agent for the types of fires that could ignite in your building.

  • Foodservice industry like restaurants
  • Commercial or oversized vehicles
  • Spray paint and body shop sectors
  • Hazardous material storage units
  • Server room or data center
  • Microenvironments
  • Industrial vehicles such as steel mills, chemical plants, printing presses, etc.

Whether you own a restaurant, run a server room, or manage a hazardous materials storage area, choose VariEx (fire suppression manufacturer, fire suppression supplier) for fire suppression systems to meet all your fire protection needs. The cost or price of a fire suppression system’s installation is dependent on the type of fire suppression system you choose. We, at Variexonline.com, provide a wide range of fire suppression systems, and we are licensed to design, install, and fire suppression services the following types of fire suppression systems:

  • Wet chemical suppression system: potassium acetate and potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate are the compounds found in wet chemical fire suppression systems and ideal for extinguishing grease fires.
  • Dry chemical suppression system: sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, or monoammonium phosphate are the main compounds used in dry chemical suppression systems and appropriate for areas with live electrical equipment.
  • Clean agent suppression system: FM-200, 3M Novec 1230, non-toxic Inergen, carbon dioxide, and Argonite, and Halon-replacing FE-13 are used in clean agent fire suppression systems and appropriate for safeguarding critical assets that could be damaged by water.

Over to You

For more information about Fire Suppression System on VariEx brand, or to request an installation estimate, please contact Variex.in or call us at 7829629111. A Life Safety Advisor and a project manager will appoint and come to your site to regulate your needs and develop a proposal when you contact us for a fire suppression system. After this stage, we will help navigate that what kind of fire suppression system is right for your property based on the size and layout of the building and kind of materials kept in it. Once the proposal is accepted, the project get scheduled, and technicians thereafter dispatch it to your site to begin the installation.

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