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Use Fire Ball to Put Out Fire Instantly

Fire Ball is a fully automatic fire extinguishing device and fire protection system used to extinguish the fire immediately when thrown or rolled into a fire. Fire extinguishing ball is a cutting-edge fire safety tool that people can also place where the hotspots are flammable objects, circuit breaker box, gas tank, etc.

Fire Extinguishing Ball or Fire Ball is a compact yet highly effective and lightweight design product able to tackle most types of fire, including Class A type (Solid burning materials), Class B type (Liquid burning materials), Class C type (Fire involving combustibles), Class E type (Electrical Fires), and Class K type (Kitchen Fires).

Fire Ball is the most advanced product in the fire industry to reduce the irreparable loss or any disaster caused by fire. Fire Extinguisher Ball is a lightweight, portable fire prevention device, easy to operate, and safe, which could extinguish the initial fire.


  • Fast Response: - The fastest way to stop any fire as the fire ball can activate itself in just 3 seconds and stop the fire.
  • Automatic Activation: - A fire ball can be an amazing help when a fire occurs, and all you need to do is throw the ball safely from your standpoint so that the ball activates automatically.
  • Distance Safety: - You can toss it from a distance and let the ball do the work as it is safe even if you throw it from a distance.
  • Zero Maintenance & Easy to handle: - The fire extinguishing ball does not require maintenance, and it is lightweight, weighing more or less than 1.5 kg. Anyone like women, children, and the elderly can use it fast.

As most of us realize the benefits of keeping a highly effective fire safety equipment or fire fighting system like the Fire Ball in their homes, more companies are getting on board with booming these products in their stores as well as online. VariEx is one of the reliable companies engaged in developing the lightweight Fire Ball that every home should have to fight with fire.

Variexonline.com is an online platform and the brand VariEx – a noted manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, and distributor of Fire Balls. The company with such fire safety products are sensitive to the environment and friendlier towards the environment.

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