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How Long Does A Fire Extinguisher Work?

A fire extinguisher can be your first defense against fire as it has a must-have fire safety feature for all businesses and domestic premises. When the time comes to use your fire extinguisher, you want to be confident that it is going to work efficiently. Although most of us have at least one fire extinguisher in stock, many people forget how long they have had them.

It is important to remember that any type of fire extinguisher degrades over time. But, not everyone realizes that fire extinguishers require regular maintenance, and if left in storage for too long, those will no longer work to their fullest potential. In this context, a question arises, how long exactly can a fire extinguisher last before it expires? The answer to this question is well-maintained fire extinguishers can last up to twenty years - according to most manufacturers.

How Long Does A Fire Extinguisher Work

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In this blog post, you will also get to know about maintaining fire extinguishers so they will always be ready when you need them.

How many years is a fire extinguisher recommended to use?

It’s a fact that fire extinguishers will not last forever. A fire extinguisher is no longer to use more when the chemicals within it lose their charge, or when the pressure of the contents has fallen. The exact shelf life of every fire extinguisher varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and it can last 3-12 years. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, any rechargeable fire extinguishers (a rechargeable one has a metalhead with a gauge that reads Charge/Recharge) must be recharged maximum in every 6 years, whereas disposable extinguishers (has a plastic head with a gauge that reads Full/Empty) must be replaced in every 12 years. 

It is recommended for those who have had their fire extinguishers for a long time need to get their extinguishers hydrostatically tested. Hydrostatic testing is a method to inspect your fire extinguisher get exposed to high pressure (around 500psi), and to check its critical components such as the shell, cylinder, hose, etc. It can be determined by pressurizing it with liquid whether the fire extinguisher has any leaks or structural flaws.

Is there any expiry date on fire extinguishers?

No, several more fire extinguishers don’t have any specific expiry date threshold that classifies the time or period of the devices’ expiration. In reality, the life span of a fire extinguisher can change depending on its maintenance or how it has cared for overtime. However, even the most maintained fire extinguishers will not last forever, which is also correct. Therefore, you should know certain things like when the extinguisher was manufactured, as well as the manufacturer’s recommendation for replacement when you are going to buy any kind of fire extinguisher.

How do you know if your fire extinguisher is expired?

Normally, any fire extinguisher, whether it’s for a household or office purposes that works up to 15 years from its date of manufacturing. If it crosses for more than fifteen years, there’s a good chance that the device has “expired”, and it needs replacement. But then, in some cases, you might not be sure how old the extinguisher device is or when you received it. Hence, it is advisable to check the label or on the bottom of the extinguisher for the manufacture date. If the extinguisher has been manufactured within the last fifteen years, it is the best possible way to help you determine the operational feature of the extinguisher and how recently it has been serviced along with the level of wear and tear.

How do you know if a fire extinguisher is still in good condition to operate?

There are certain things you can do every month to ensure your fire extinguisher fully functional. Most fire extinguishers are available with a pressure gauge that indicates the pressure level of the internal contents; if the gauge needle falls too low (if it is outside the green zone on the gauge), that means it’s time to replace your extinguisher. Similarly, most extinguisher devices also have inspection tags or stickers that help to let you know about the maintenance and service history of the extinguisher. When you get to know an extinguisher that has not been recently serviced, then you need to inspect or replace the device immediately. Finally, any signs of damage or lose pieces are an additional indication, which means your fire extinguisher is no longer good.

Final Say

Maintenance inspections of any fire extinguisher should be done every year and performed by fire safety specialists who have adequate knowledge to identify any shortcomings in the fire extinguisher. Furthermore, fire safety specialists are also able to repair or replace any aspects of the extinguisher that have failed inspection.

Fire extinguishers should be replaced immediately if you notice anything irregular. Even to ensure that your fire extinguishers are working properly, get them checked by VariEx, which offers inspections, tests, and repairs for any type of fire extinguishers. Contact us on- 7829629111 or email us at- sales@variex.in for your assistance.

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