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Guide To Fire Safety For Hotel Buildings

Fire safety is of utmost importance when it comes to the hotel industry because a fire puts dozens of people’s lives at risk and can damage your business irreparably if it breaks out in your hotel. Guide To Fire Safety For Hotel Buildings According to a survey, one out of every 12 hotels reports a horrible fire within their building every year that adds to thousands of fires in motels and hotels on yearly basis. The fire kills!

Fire safety in hotel industry is crucial in preventing fires, and fire safety measures (fire safety regulations for hotels) must be taken in hotels to protect guests from potential danger. The hospitality industry, such as hotels have to comply with health and safety regulations.

In this blog, we will explain safety measures of the hotel industry and how best they can prevent accidents and contain damages if any fire occurs. Here is a list of top fire safety guidelines for hotel buildings or benefits of hotel fire safety system!

Carry Out a Fire Risk Assessment in Hotels

Property owners or hotel managers need to complete five steps to do a fire risk assessment in the hotel buildings. At first, they must emphasize the ways a fire could start, which may occur through faulty plug sockets, damaged kitchen appliances, or obstructed ventilation, and similarly focus on sources of kindling that may happen because of furniture, laundry, paper, chemicals, wall hangings, etc. Secondly, hotel managers should consider who all the guests are more at risk and ensure that vulnerable people such as those with mobility or hearing disabilities can escape safely. Thirdly, they need to determine what measures are needed for hotel rooms as regular checks for appliances and plugs or arranging of better housekeeping to move sources of kindling away from fire escape routes. Fourthly, they need to keep a firefighting assessment record for evidence that they manage fire safety risks, and this allows them to assess what control measures did or didn’t work. Fifthly, the hotel in charge professionals needs to reassess risks, reapply control measures, and rerecord details in regular intervals to reduce the new hazard to appear.

fire safety risk assement

(Image source: Ihasco.co.uk)

Install Fire Alarm Systems

Hotels must have functioned with fire detection devices or fire alarm systems in the building, which enables for early detection of a fire to protect the guests from a fire hazard. Fire detectors should be placed in corridors, guest rooms, public areas, storerooms, under stairways, and storage spaces if you have smaller hotel units. But you are required for the jurisdictions when you have a bigger property that you should have an automated centralized smoke detector for integrating all smoke detectors in each location with a master panel and thus, the staff can immediately identify where a fire alarm has activated and take steps of action without any delay. Guide To Fire Safety For Hotel Buildings!

Contact Variex.in (a reliable firefighting products’ manufacturer, supplier, dealer and after sales service provider) for your fire alarm requirements as our devices are vital that help guests wake up immediately during a fire. In addition, we also provide regular inspections on the smoke detectors to make sure they’re working.

install fire alarm system in hotel

(Image source: Nec-enterprise.com)

Fix Fire Extinguishers at Your Hotel Buildings

Every hotel should have fixed fire extinguishers in its hallways, rooms, and lobby areas and they should be easily accessible to guests inside the rooms as hotel fire is one of the biggest threats to the industry, which can quickly become massive if not diminished immediately and claim lives as well as properties. Hotel managers should have checked extinguishers should inspect consistently to ensure no damage and that they are all in the right spots that would make it hard to reach. 

Every hotel building should have incorporated fire extinguishers depending on the location and size even if they have fire sprinkler systems because the devices can extinguish a small fire quickly before it becomes huge enough and generates a lot of heat to activate an automatic sprinkler system too.

install fire extinguisher in hotel

(Image source: Makemytrip.com)

We at Variex.in (variexonline.com) are always there to provide you with a comprehensive range of multipurpose extinguishers rated class A, B, and C that enables you to put out small fires involving wood, paper, oils, and gases, are required in hotels. Our organization is also responsible for replacing or recharging your extinguishers (fire extinguisher in hotel) if not at the required levels and after every use.

Install Fire Sprinkler System in Hotel Buildings

According to the Hotel and Fire safety laws, the installation of sprinkler systems is now mandatory in establishments having four stories or higher in many countries.  Guide To Fire Safety For Hotel Buildings, Most authorities yet claim that all new constructions including commercial occupancy facilities such as hotels, which must have full sprinkler systems irrespective of their height because sprinklers play a great role to put out a build-up of fire quickly before it spreads throughout the hotel.

install fire sprinkler system in hotel

(Image source: Qrfs.com)

Evacuation Routes

Every hotel should have a well-established evacuation route for its occupants always plus make them aware of the evacuation route and also to give them the fire exit locations to leave at the time of check-in of the guests. According to OSHA, there must be fire prevention signs in every commercial building including hotels. Danger signs indicate all danger areas like restricted areas, areas on fire, emergency exits, and the like. Hotel management must also take care of this thing to tackle dangerous situations if any fire accident happens.

Final Say

Whether you need any kind of Fire Protection Solutions in terms of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or an automatic sprinkler system installed at your hotels, choose Variex.in or Variexonline.com as your buying partner. VariEx has you covered when it comes to protecting people and property from fire damage. Visit us online at Variexonline.com or give us a call at 7829629111.

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