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Go Green: A Glance at Two Eco-Friendly Fire Extinguishers

There is a huge pressure across the national and international levels toward the protection of our environment, which has affected every area of life. Comprehending this fact in mind, several researchers and companies are developing innovative products that play a safe role for the environment. And eco-friendly fire extinguishers are one of them, and that has not been left behind.

Fire Safety

                                                     (Image Source: Pinterest.co.uk)

The extinguishers contain water or some form of gas that use to reduce their effect on the environment. Let’s get a look at how they work!

1. Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

The water mist fire extinguishers are designed using supersonic nozzles that turn water into minute particles, which can attract to the fire, and these particles then put out the fire coolly. Even the water particles also absorb the heat from the fire instantly, thereby protecting the user of this heat. Mist extinguishers are good for the environment as it uses less water hence, beneficial to conserve the environment.

As compared to traditional water extinguishers or water sprinklers, the supersonic nozzles in the mist fire extinguishers turn water droplets into water molecules, and this way, the water is used to extinguish a fire.

The mist extinguishers handle different fires, involving:

  • Solid Materials (Class A Fires)
  • Flammable liquids (Class B fires)
  • Combustible gases (Class C fires)
  • Electrical equipment (Class E fires)
  • Cooking oils and fats (Class F)

Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

                                                     (Image Source: Blazequel.com)

2. Gaseous Fire Extinguishers

The gaseous fire extinguishers are operated using synthetic gases and inert gases like nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, or a combination of these gases and considered safe for the environment. They are beneficial for leaving no residue, which makes for a quick and easy post-fire cleanup process.

These extinguishers are preferred using those areas where water or dry-chemical extinguishers would cause damage such as in airplanes, computer rooms, data centers, and others. However, though synthetic gases cause some damage to the ozone layer, synthetic greenhouse gases have introduced to use in small amounts that are effective in suffocating various kinds of fires.

Gaseous Fire Extinguishers

                                                          (Image Source: Poison.org)

Over to You

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