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Fire Safety Management in Hospitals

Fire safety in hospitals is of the most paramount relevance of healthcare facility management by considering the safety of the patients. Fire safety or fire protection is a significant norm that needs to be considered especially during the construction of a hospital, because, it is a tough task to evacuate the people from the hospitals as compared to the general buildings.

Fire can cause irreparable losses, particularly to any hospital, which is comprised of a high density of life in terms of patients, doctors, staff, many heat dissipating equipment, combustible gasses /fuel, chemicals, a lot of electrical wiring, etc. If proper precautions not taken while planning to build any hospital then it may stand as prone to hazardous incidents. For that reason, utmost care needs to be taken and precautions followed to take in good safety measures & practices amongst planners, employees & healthcare workers in any hospital.

The Emergency Management Plan (EMP) as well as adequate measures should be considered to ensure safety and the unexpected occurrence of a fire in a hospital. Here are a few fire safety measures of a hospital that must be effective while constructing any hospital.

Let’s get discussed!

  1. A Detailed Action Plan – The fire can be calamitous, and fire calamities leave no room for thinking to move from that place. Therefore, a detailed action plan that has answers to all the needs will save time for helping you to react instantly in the right way. Make sure to involve all the departments of the hospital in the brief of this action plan.
  2. Fire Safety Evacuation Aids – The fire safety evacuation aids are the foremost aspects when hospital evacuation comes. There are many types of evacuation aids available in today’s market that hold the patient firmly while moving to a safer location.
  3. Fire Fighting Equipment in Check – The firefighting equipment that includes Smoke Detectors or Fire Alarms, Emergency Exit Signals, Fire Extinguishers, and other fire safety products should all the time be in check. Conduct a performance check on your installed fire safety equipment/fire fighting system while doing the fire drills to ensure the responsiveness in the face of danger.
  4. Mock Drills and Fire Safety Training – It is important to arrange in saving lives and reducing the damage during a fire accident. Make sure all your hospital’ staff members are undergoing the fire safety training programs and participating in the mock drills, which enables in establishing a safe and secure atmosphere that prevents fire accidents in hospitals.

Final Say

Fire safety in healthcare facilities, especially in hospitals or medicals, requires vigilance and routine monitoring on the part of the facility management team. Hence, the real practice of regularly checking cooking equipment, electrical wires, oxygen tanks, and fire extinguishing equipment from reliable Fire Safety Company like VariEx are necessary to make the difference between life and death.

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