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Fire Safety at Festivals & Importance of Fire Extinguishers

The Festival season is here! Several holidays and events are already started observing and having the proper amount and type of fire extinguishers are important. Though the craze of organizing any festival has lessened this year due to COVID-19 Pandemic, still then people are uniting festivals with the presence of very less crowd. If you are organizing an event such as a festival, exhibition, trade show, or similar, you must require fire fighting equipment for the protection of staff and the public, and hence, you can buy fire extinguishers and allied fire equipment from Variexonline.com that will assist you in complying with fire regulations and help to ensure that your occasion held in as safe.

For every festival, having the proper amount and type of fire extinguishers is essential.

Providing Accurate Fire Safety Equipment like Fire Extinguisher

Mostly the Class A, B and C types of fire predictable to occur at a festival, and those kinds of fire happen in those areas whose backgrounds are paper, wood and textiles, flammable liquids, or flammable gases. So to avoid any fire during the festive period, the VariEx Fire Extinguisher is the most competent one to have on-site.

The size of the festival will determine how many extinguishers are required and accordingly, those should be placed head-to-head to fire threats alongside suitable signage that instructs of their usage. Festival organizers should be self-assured that the fire extinguisher will work as it’s supposed to in the event of a fire. You also ensure that further protective measures are taken with a fire extinguisher cabinet that won’t be accidentally damaged, and all festival-goers should be aware of how to raise the alarm if they notice a fire breaking out. Servicing and regular maintenance of each piece of equipment are equally important.

Expert advice on providing proper fire cover through using Fire Extinguisher for your event, suitable for:

  • Festivals
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Many more event

Guiding Fire Risk Assessment

Yes, it’s a fact that preventative measures begin with a fire risk assessment, which means identifying potential hazards and vulnerable areas and people at risk due to fire hazard should plan to put in place the necessary equipment for fire protection. Individual attention should be paid where festival-goers will be camp out, as tent materials are extremely flammable, and the fire risks increase where people are likely to be building fires or open-air cooking. It is important to reduce the risk of fire in camping areas by prohibiting open flames and instructing fire officers to monitor the areas.

Moreover, there should be clear exit escape routes spotted throughout the grounds so people can make their way to safety should a fire break out. Also, the event organizers should consider putting out regular announcements about what people can expect to happen during a fire emergency.

Last Word

Need to discuss fire extinguisher purchase? Contact us today for more information. We’ve got you covered! When you buy any extinguisher from us, we will visit the site and tell you exactly what you need and where it should be positioned.

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