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Methods of Extinguishing Fire at Initial Stages

Fire is the consequence of a chemical reaction called combustion, which happens because of a combination of fuel, and oxygen as well as a source of ignition. If used irresponsibly, it can cause havoc on life and property as fire is one of the foremost reasons for loss of life and living. Despite advances in firefighting techniques, fire is the biggest reason for the loss of several livings. But it is important to measure the fire before applying any of the methods for extinguishing the fire. For this, you need to read the fire by the smoke’s color, and source (types of fire) and after you have studied the fire, apply the appropriate method intelligently to extinguish the fire as well as minimizes the loss.

There are different safety methods used to extinguish fires. Here's a list of methods useful for extinguishing a fire at the initial stage.

Stop the electrical fire before it starts:

The majority of electrical fires happen due to faulty electrical wiring or poor maintenance of electrical systems, and therefore, it is necessary not to overload electrical outlets. Make sure that all electrical work is performed to code by a licensed electrician and also keep electrical systems clear of dust, trash, and spider webs, which may cause fires. You should also use circuit breakers and fuses as over and over again, which will help to stop a power surge from starting a fire.

If an electrical system begins sparking (if the source is only sparking or the flame has not spread at all) then, cutting the power to the system is the primary yet best step to take. Some of the techniques are as follows:

  • If the problem arises from wiring or an appliance, do not simply pull the plug on the device.
  • You should cut the electricity supply at the breaker box rather than turning off the wall switch.

Stop the electrical fire                                              (Image Source: Wikihow.com)

Use a fire blanket:

You can use a fire blanket to suffocate the fire, but this method is only applicable when you are unable to turn off the power to the source completely. Though the fire blankets (chemically treated wool) is a good heat-proofing of electricity, you don't require to get close enough to the source of the power remains on.

This particular method is not only effective in the early stages of fire but also protects the surrounding area or objects. Some of the procedures are as follows:

  • You need to grip the unfolded blanket in front of you with your hands and body protected by it and drape it over the small fire.
  • Do NOT just throw the blanket at the fire.

fire blanket                                             (Image Source: Wikihow.com)

Use of water:

The most popular used method for extinguishing the fire is to use water as it smothers fire immediately. It works by vaporizing (on vaporization, the steam displaces oxygen) in contact with fire. However, water can be used to put out the fire only if you have 100% turned off the power to the main source.

By using water, fire cuts off the supply of oxygen, which is the main combustive agent required to sustain it, and thus, it dies out. Water also absorbs heat from the surroundings and cools down the nearby objects, which may provide additional fuel for the spreading fire.

In addition to the above-mentioned methods, some other techniques are there to extinguish a fire at the initial stages. 

  • Use of chemicals such as hydrocarbons float on water fire suppressors
  • Use of fire extinguishers (fire extinguisher types) or fire extinguisher for flammable liquids and flame inhibitors like mono-ammonium phosphate, sodium and potassium bicarbonate
  • Aerosol fire destruction (uses fine solid particles and gaseous substance)
  • Throwing mud or rubber flapper

Last Word

If someone asks how to extinguish a fire at the initial stages, then the above-mentioned methods are the answers that assist in successfully to kill the fire and prevent it save the property and individuals from the threat. It is vital to employ the correct method to fight the fire at its initial stage. Stay calm during any fire incident and use the appropriate method of extinguishing the fire.

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