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Top 3 Steps to Choose a Fire Extinguisher for your Home

Every home must have at least one Fire Extinguisher mounted in an easily accessible spot or kept readily at hand. A fire extinguisher is an important safety product that every home should have (safety at home), and it can even prevent a disaster caused by fire when used properly. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the report reveals that almost half the fires in the home occur in the kitchen, so that’s a good place to start using a fire extinguisher.


Choosing fire safety equipment for your home is simple once you understand the different types of extinguishers available for the different classes of fires that may occur.

Let us discuss a few of the important points!

1. Decide where the extinguisher will be used: you need to decide the exact place of your house where a fire extinguisher is required to install. Whether it will be used in a kitchen, garage, or just a general location in or around the house, and that further help you determine the type and size of extinguishers required.

  • Portable fire extinguishers add a layer of fire protection with automatic fire-suppression systems that are required to use when people are present. These extinguishers are required to install in all types of buildings under NFPA 1 (National Fire Code).

2. Choose the correct fire extinguisher types based on deciding what classes of fires may encounter in that location: In reality, there are 5 types of fire.

  • Class A - Ordinary combustible materials such as paper, cloth, and wood.
  • Class B - Flammable liquids and fumes such as gasoline and molten plastics.
  • Class C - Electrical fires which include any energized electrical objects such as desktop, laptop, and other electrical appliances.
  • Class D - Flammable metals such as magnesium wheels or lithium batteries.
  • Class K – Kitchen fire due to deep oil and greases.

3. Choose only approved types extinguishers for use on the classes of fires you are likely to encounter: Though all extinguishers act to smother fire or to break the chemical chain-reaction called as burning. But then some types of extinguishers can be used on multiple classes of fires, whereas others may be dangerous to use on more than one particular class of fire.

  • Extinguisher (contain one or more solid or liquid chemicals) types or fire extinguisher classes include dry chemical/dry powder, wet chemical, water (with or without anti-freeze), aqueous foam, carbon dioxide (CO2), and clean agents, such as Halon and similar chemicals that cool a fire and then quickly evaporate.
  • Be sure to get professional advice if you need a dry powder extinguisher for class D risks of burning metals, follow home fire extinguisher safety tips and avoid selecting a type that may be ineffective for your particular purpose.
  • National standards determine the required labeling of extinguishers for the classes of fires on which they may be safely used, regardless of the contents. For example, a water-type extinguisher should only be labeled for use on class A fires and not on B, C, D or K fires, which can be made worse with water.

If you want to buy a fire extinguisher for home, choose the VariEx fire extinguisher. Fire extinguisher price is very affordable if you purchase it through Variexonline.com. Variex is one of the reliable manufacturers, suppliers in the industry engaged in dealing with a comprehensive range of extinguishers in PAN India level.

In addition to this, one important point is how you use a fire extinguisher. The entire process (PASS) is as follows:

  • P - Pull the pin and hold the extinguisher nozzle away from you.
  • A - Aim low by pointing at the base of the fire.
  • S - Squeeze the lever slowly and at a controlled pace.
  • S - Sweep the nozzle from side-to-side.


Final Say

We hope this blog will help to choose correct fire extinguishers or any other fire prevention equipment for your home. Stay Safe and Live Long!!

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