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Business Fire Safety during Covid-19 Outbreak

Many businesses are planning to open or have already opened their arrangements to return to work after a considerable period of lockdown, hence you need to consider some key Fire Safety measures for the safety of your employees and your office building. It's important to continue practicing fire safety to help ensure workplaces are safe for returning employees and members of the public. Business Fire Safety during Covid-19 Outbreak!

Business Fire Safety during Covid-19 Outbreak

There are some key Fire Safety matters for you to consider if your business is starting to operate again.

Fire Risk Assessments:

On your return to work, it is necessary to review your Fire Risk Assessment to ensure that it helps manage and mitigate the risk of fire as much as possible. Fire safety assessments are undertaken where there are significant changes in ways of working, processes, or building layout. There are certain factors you need to consider during fire risk assessment. Business Fire Safety during Covid-19 Outbreak

  • You have to take all reasonable measures like isolating all non-essential equipment and machinery to reduce the risk of fire.
  • Ensure your fire alarm system is tested regularly for keeping it in good working order.
  • Implement some interim measures and inform all your staff to know and understand why and what they are.
  • Make sure the most vulnerable are receiving support and PEEPS are being conducted and reviewed to assess individual needs in their vulnerability.

Evacuation Procedure:

All staff of your business must be familiar with the evacuation plan. There are some essential factors you need to consider for evacuation procedure like:

  • Maintaining minimum staffing levels to undertake the evacuation plan is very important.
  • PEEPS must continue to conduct and reviewed where it is appropriate.
  • Consider how you will maintain social distancing during an evacuation and at your assembly points.

Staff Training:

Businesses must ensure that they should continue to provide appropriate staff training where your staff numbers have changed. If you haven’t undertaken staff training for some time, ensure that all staff knows what to do in a fire situation. If you are returning to work or you haven’t undertaken staff training for some reason, ensure all staff members know what to do in a fire situation and familiar with the escape routes.

If those people with specific tasks such as fire wardens have not returned to work, ensure that other suitably trained staff or trained substitutes are available. You must consider the needs of any lone workers and their fire safety, which is highly important.

Protection from Arson:

If your office building is closed for an extended period due to Covid-19 lockdown ensure it is secure with a usual measure to prevent arson:

  • If any combustible materials are fallen there at your building that need to be removed from the site or stored securely.
  • Rubbish or any waste material is a potential fuel source hence that needs to be removed or stored securely away from premises.
  • Keep all entrances and exits of your building clean at all times.
Final Say

If you’re looking for searching more about business fire safety, choose VariEx along with a list of fire fighting equipment and fire safety services. On the other hand, if you would like to speak to a fire safety officer regarding your premises, please visit Variexonline.com or contact our helpline on 7829629111

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