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The most important yet exciting festival in India is just around the corner, and we all are looking forward to enjoying the celebrations! Diwali symbols the victory of good over evil or light over darkness and hence, celebrated by lighting diyas, burning crackers, decorating the home with lights, beautifying every corner of the house decorated with beautiful rangoli colors and sharing sweets with family and friends. During Diwali, the dark and gloomy nights are filled up with lightning, which brings joy & happiness all around.

We find every house, and every corner is getting lighted during this time called Diwali or Deepavali. One and all, regardless of their age, celebrate this festival of lights even by bursting of the huge varieties of crackers. But then, along with the enjoyable of bursting crackers comes great responsibility for staying safe and prevents fire in the house, workplace, and neighborhood. Accidents or mishaps can occur during Diwali celebrations without giving us the slightest sign. Most of these happen because we are not careful. And, a little bit of precaution by following certain tips that help you to the prevention of fire accidents and ensures you a safe Diwali.

Here’s a list of top 5 fire safety tips to follow and make your Diwali jolly rather than making it a folly.

1.Wear Cotton Clothes

People love to wear new garments during Diwali, but make sure to wear cotton clothes while bursting crackers just to avoid your outfits getting on fire. It is advisable not to wear clothes made of silk, nylon, polyester, and other similar material as they easily catch fire. In addition to this, you and your family should wear denim and khadi clothes that do not stick to the skin in case of any fire injuries.

2.Install a Fire Extinguisher

Installation of a fire extinguisher in the house is important, and therefore, ensure to keep it near the place where the crackers burn. Buy a couple of VariEx fire extinguishers with different capacities for your home and install them at places, which are easy to access. Use different types of fire extinguisher on the VariEx brand based on different fire types, and areas in the house or office, which is capable of helping you cease the fire, save a life, and get away safely, without any injuries.

The fire extinguishers you need to place near your staircases, along the hallway, or right near the door of your kitchen. In addition to this, you can also keep buckets of water and store sand in a bag that are a few traditional ways of fighting the fire. In case of a major fire accident, do not forget to inform the fire brigade immediately.


3.Store Crackers in Safe Places

Since crackers are combustible, therefore, they must be kept away from all sources of heat and stored in safe places where they do not catch any fire. Your carelessness with handling firecrackers can end in fire accidents, and a single spark of fire can lead to an explosion.

The report reveals that minor and major injuries are reported every year during Diwali. Hence, to prevent fire accidents, you need to buy firecrackers from those vendors who are licensed to sell those. And, make sure to read all the instructions mentioned on the packaging of the crackers before lighting them, which is capable of reducing the risk of fire mishaps.

4.Keep a First Aid Box Handy

Always keep a first aid box handy for emergency purposes in case of fire tragedy during Diwali. Ensure to keep a VariEx first aid box containing items like Band-Aid strip, Adhesive Tape, Cotton Wool, Eye Pad, Scissors, etc. while you are burning crackers. If you or anyone sustains a burn, use the first aid kit on the VariEx brand and rush to seek professional medical help immediately. First Aid Box Plastic Body, First Aid Box Wall Mount Metal Body, First Aid Box Wall Mount Plastic Body are the different types of VariEx first aid boxes used in medicals and health centers.

VariEx is one of the trusted Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, and Wholesalers of fire safety products in India. It is engaged in dealing with several fire-fighting equipment such as Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hydrant System, First Aid Box, Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression System, Signage Board, and many others.

First Aid Box

5.Special Attention for Senior Citizens and Pregnant Ladies

Firecrackers during Diwali results in noise pollution that can cause hearing loss, high blood pressure, and heart attack, especially of senior citizens. Noise pollution due to crackers burning is also uncomfortable for pregnant ladies as well as kids. Ensure not to burst the firecrackers in the prohibition of bursting crackers in silence zones and where the sick, pregnant, senior citizens, and infants are residing.

Over to You

The safest way to enjoy firecrackers during Diwali is to light them carefully. Observe the safety instructions or fire prevention tips that we have mentioned above in this blog post before you start bursting crackers. Ensure that diyas or candles are not near any flammable materials like curtains, table covers, cloth, paper, and furniture.

Have a Happy and Safe Diwali!!!

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