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Fire Extinguisher Suppliers in Bangalore

  • What is Fire Extinguisher?

    Fire extinguishers are portable devices used to extinguish small fires or reduce their destruction before firefighters arrive at the scene. These are kept handy at places, namely fire points, in buildings, factories, public paces or transportation.
  • Fire Extinguisher Information

    The various types of fire extinguisher put out fires started with different types of fuel – these are called ‘classes’ of fire. The fire risk from the different classes of fire in your business premises will determine which fire extinguisher types you need. There are types of fire Extinguisher ABC type, CO₂ Type, Foam Type, Water Type, DCP Powder Type, Modular Type, Class K type, Clean Agent Type,
  • VariEX Leading one of the Best fire extinguisher supplier in Bangalore, Get all type of Fire Extinguisher, Fire Extinguisher Accessories, Fire Hydrant system.

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