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CO₂ Type Fire Extinguisher

Don't delay, Get out from fire's way

Looking For a CO₂ Type Fire Extinguisher?

CO₂ Fire Extinguisher!

  • The very popular CO2 Type Fire extinguisher can be used on Class B & Electrical Fires, can be used on electrical equipment regardless of High or Low voltage. Fire requires three components to continue: fuel, heat, and oxygen. Remove any one component and the fire will extinguish. A CO2 Fire extinguisher fills the air with CO2, reducing the concentration of oxygen. The oxygen-starved fire will then go out.
  • How do CO2 Fire Extinguishers Work?

    The CO2 Fire Extinguisher Cannisters contain carbon dioxide in liquid form, and when the extinguisher is let off the liquid is released into the air neutralizing the oxygen that the fire is feeding on, disabling the fires ability to spread. This is an effective way to put out fires and also prevent fire from reoccurring because of the lack of oxygen and the ice cold temperature of the CO2 when released from the extinguisher. Main advantage of CO2 is the gas will evaporate leaving no powder or liquid to be cleaned.
  • How to put out an electrical fire?

    CO2 fire extinguishers are the only ones recommended for electrical fires. To extinguish fires involving electricity, if safe to do, turn off the electrical supply to the object. Then it becomes the object on fire and the flammable parts are often made of plastic. If not possible to turn off the power beforehand, CO2 (carbon dioxide) can penetrate into electrical circuitry within, say, a computer. It cuts out oxygen. Powder is also non-conductive. Turn the power off when it's out. Also suitable for flammable liquid fires, CO2 fire extinguishers come in two sizes, 2kg and 5kg. This refers to the contents rather than the overall weight and, as CO2 needs to be kept under such high pressure, the container is thick but we use aluminum instead of steel to keep the weight sensible. Beware those who supply the imported versions made from steel that you'll find hard to pick up!

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