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VariEX ABC Fire Extinguisher

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Looking For an ABC Fire Extinguisher?

ABC Fire Extinguisher

  • What is ABC Fire Extinguisher?

    ABC Fire Extinguishers. They use monoammonium phosphate which is a dry chemical that is able to quickly put out the fire. It is a pale yellow powder that is able to put out all three classes of fire; Class A for trash, wood, and paper, Class B for liquids and gases, and Class C for energized electrical sources.
  • Full Form of ABC type Fire Extinguisher

    Monoammonium phosphate, ABC Dry Chemical, ABE Powder, tri-class, or multi-purpose dry chemical is a dry chemical extinguishing agent used on class A, class B, and class C fires.
  • abc rated fire extinguisher

    Fire extinguishers are classified by fire type. The A, B, C rating system defines the kinds of burning materials each fire extinguisher is designed to fight.
  • fire extinguisher for electrical fire

    When a fire occurs in an electrical unit such as a kitchen appliance, power panel, Server room or other media device, the electricity powering the equipment acts as a constant source of spark or ignition. Water and water-based foams are not capable of putting out class C fires because they cannot counteract the constant, electrical ignition source. Because water conducts electrical currents, using water on a Class C fire can result in a spread of the electricity and therefore the fire’s source of ignition. If the electricity is shut off, then a class C fire is considered a class A fire.

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