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Addressable Fire Alarm

What is an addressable fire alarm? It is a type of fire alarm manufactured using fire detectors and several other devices connected back to a central control panel. Each device is incorporated with its unique address and connected to the addressable system. When a fire detects, the address of that particular device will show up on the main control panel and informs you exactly which device is activated. In this way, you can find the exact location of a fire tragedy to extinguish the fire quickly with the help of a fully addressable fire alarm system. This is the addressable fire alarm system definition to make anyone understand it.

How addressable fire alarm system works? The addressable fire alarm system has an address, or location that enables to identify the fire easily. For this reason, an addressable fire alarm panel is ideal for large buildings, mostly commercial premises spread over a wide area. The addressable fire alarm panel price is affordable to buy, and hence, people from the different earning categories can purchase it.

The addressable type fire alarm system is connected with several devices using only one wire, attached with all the devices to the control panel. Both ends of the wire loop (a shared one) connect to the control panel. An intelligent addressable fire alarm system incorporates a range of other facilities that enable the users to save money. An addressable alarm panel or addressable fire panel can monitor the airflow through its addressable smoke detector to prevent the existence of any false alarm, which is costlier to a business.

When it comes to reliability, the addressable fire alarms/addressable fire alarm devices are the most trustworthy systems as the wire connects to the control panel at both sides of the alarm system. That means, if one end of the loop or wire is detached, signals can still be sent to the control panel by the use of another part of the loop.


Benefits of using Addressable Fire Alarms

The advantages of the addressable fire alarm system are listed below-

  • Quickly identifies the exact location of a fire
  • Saves time as soon as detecting a fire
  • Known as much more advanced with a higher degree of programming flexibility and single point detection facility
  • Specific actions can be automated by the user
  • Easy installation and cost-effective solutions for larger applications
  • Facilitates in reducing the possibility of false alarms detected
  • Reliable and less likely to lose connection at any time
  • Useful in lowering the overall cost of wiring
  • Capability to provide detailed online notification of alarm or trouble or supervisory events
  • Beneficial to monitor the reliability of the system, with detector health checks
  • Appropriate to install the fire alarm in larger commercial premises, as it can provide accurate and detailed information as to the location of a fire


Working Functionality of an Addressable Fire Alarm

Each detection and notification device of an addressable fire alarm is installed or connected directly to the central addressable fire alarm control panel, which enables in sending messages to check on the functionality of each instrument. This is the best answer to the question like how to install an addressable alarm system.

In response, each component sends back a report that informs the control panel of its current status. And when a device does not respond for any reason, the control panel indicates a problem, which occurs at that particular address. After this notification, the technicians from the fire alarm maintenance company immediately visit the location to fix or replace the problem device, and this is how the issue gets solved.

VariEx is one of the trusted addressable fire alarm panel manufacturers and dealing in a wide range of addressable fire alarm system in India at a shoestring budget. It is known as a reliable company and even dealing in addressable fire alarm system installation services.

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